If you have just finished with a window replacement or are just sick of your tired old mini blinds because the don't allow any sun to your new wintertime plants, new window treatments can really brighten up a room. There are many different options that you can choose from for your home and taking the time to look at everything is a smart idea. By taking several trips to home improvement store and keeping a sharp eye out in your travels is a great place to start.

Replacing your old blinds with a newer style is a great way to make a room into something special. Roman shades come in a variety of colors and styles and can accommodate any décor. Picking one in a pleated variety is a nice way to add some texture to your windows.

Pick an Accent Color

Curtain panels are available in dozens of different fabrics to accent your existing style or be the basis of a new one. Using an accent color to your existing furniture is one way of selecting the color. You could always take a color out of a beautiful area rug that you have and use it for a window treatment. By doing this you can really tie a room together.

The type of decorative curtain rod you use can really help accent your home's design. If you used brushed nickel fixtures and door knobs on all of the hardware in your house, you should continue that same color for your curtain rod. A decorative tie back can add an every greater cohesiveness to your new treatment.

You could use tiered curtains either in the same color and design or in accenting colors to make a great look. If you wanted to use one material for a curtain and a different one for the valance, you can create a truly unique look. If you have a large combination window unit you will probably need to order custom draperies. These are great for brightening up a room and can be used in conjunction with an automatic opener. You can install a system that will open your drapes by remote control.

Blinds Between the Glass

If you are doing a window replacement you should see if the manufacturer you are considering offers window fashions that come installed between the glass on the actual unit. This can eliminate the need for dusting and cleaning. It will also give your home a really polished feeling because the will give your units a custom look and feel. Most companies offer interchangeable fashions so you are not always stuck with the same thing.

Buying your window treatment for your sliding patio door at the same time you do your regular windows is a smart way to make sure everything matches. Shades and blinds also have a tendency to fade over their lifetime and this will ensure they fade together. This is important because you do not want one window covering to look brand new while the other looks old and faded.

If you have been wondering what kind of window accessories should I choose for my home, you are on your way to making a great looking space. Making sure you update your curtains and draperies every once in a while is an excellent way to alter the look of your rooms at a minimal cost. This project involves very little labor in comparison to other home improvement projects. You should also explore changing your old window hardware at the same time to completely bring you look up to date.

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