For a lot of people that have pets, those pets are a part of the family, so the owners are likely to try and protect their pets as if they were a baby proofing the patio for a child. Since many pets can live indoors and outdoors, owners will want to make sure that they have things out of reach of their pets that may harm them. Unfortunately, when a pet is outside, there are all kinds of things that it can get into that may cause it harm. For example, something as innocent as the fertilizer that you use on your plants can harm your pet. Therefore, you should try and get the kind of fertilizer that is going to be safe for your pets to be around. Your best bet for getting a fertilizer is going to be if your get the kind that is made of all organic materials.

Why It's Good

Any kind of organic material is going to be better than something that is non-organic because it is going to be made from all natural ingredients. These ingredients are going to be things that your pet will probably come in contact with on a regular basis in nature. Therefore, they are less likely to be things that are going to cause your pet harm. You might also find that the more natural ingredients that you have in your fertilizer the better your plants will grow. Then you will not only be protecting your pet, but your plants will flourish more.

What's Not In It

In organic fertilizers, there will be no chemicals of any kind in them. The chemicals that are made in non-organic fertilizers are put in not only cause your plants to grow better, but they are also meant to kill the weeds that might try to grow around these plants. Therefore, these chemicals are meant to kill things that come in contact with them. Since pets are do not what things they should or should not eat, you will want to make sure that if they were to ever accidentally eat the fertilizer, then they will not have consumed any harmful chemicals. By getting organic fertilizers, then you will never have to worry about whether or not your animal has come in contact with something that will hurt them.

You will also find another kind of chemical that is called a pesticide in non-organic fertilizers. Pesticides are also meant to kill. However, these are going to be more dangerous for your pets because they are meant to kill insects and other kinds of animals. If your pet were to ever eat or lick the fertilizer or the plant that was fertilized with the non-organic mixture, then you would need to quickly get them into the veterinarian because they might end in serious trouble. This kind of thing would not be a problem if you just simply would use organic fertilizer in your plants.

If you never find yourself asking which plant fertilizers are safe for pets, then you simply need to look at the world around your pet. The things that your family animals are around all the time that are from the natural world around them are likely to be less harmful to your pet than things are made in a lab. Therefore, you should try and use fertilizers for your plants that will not cause harmful things that your pets can get into. This way you can make sure that your pets are safe inside or outside whether you are keeping an eye on them or not.

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