As soon as Halloween hits, many stores start putting out the Christmas decorations that they will be featuring for that year. They do this because it causes people to get people into the Christmas spirit and start looking to buy their Christmas decorations for that year that they will be decorating their homes or condo complex with. However, there has always been the when of when you can actually put our your holiday decorations. There are three basic times that people like to start decorating their home of the holidays, but you can decide to put your decorations whenever you prefer. You can leave your Christmas decorations out all year long if you like, but most people tend to only put them up during three main time periods

Thanksgiving is the Key

All three of the time periods when people tend to put their Christmas decorations up revolve around the Thanksgiving time period. Each of the three groups of people put up their decorations based on their personalities. The first group will be called the enthusiasts. This group is filled with people that just cannot wait until Halloween is over before they decorate their entire home. They love Christmas and everything that has to do with Christmas, so as soon as the sun has set on Halloween, they flip the Christmas switch to on and get to working. Depending on whether or not they have children, they might even spend the evening of Halloween getting out their numerous boxes of Christmas decorations.

Then there is the group that will be named the nostalgic. This is the group that will wait to put up their decorations on the night of Thanksgiving, so they will get the opportunity to decorate the house with their family members. This group loves to spend the day of Thanksgiving eating and spending time with family, but once the table is cleared and everyone has woken up from their post-Thanksgiving naps, they will bust out the Christmas carols and start the process of turning the house over to the spirit of the holidays. This groups usually consists of those that loved the holidays when they had small children and want to be able to spend that time with their kids as they perform their yearly tradition of decorating for the Christmas holidays.

The final group will be labeled the practical ones. These people are the ones that will usually decorate right after the Thanksgiving holiday but not on Thanksgiving Day itself. These people also love the Christmas holiday, but they know that if they put up the decorations any earlier, then they will end up taking them down before Christmas arrives or on Christmas Day or the day right after. They can only stand to have their home looking like a Christmas card for so long before they want things to be back to normal. This is why they tend to wait until Christmas is getting closer before they start the decorating process, so they can enjoy the holidays without feeling stressed because their house feels cluttered with decorations.

Whatever group your personality falls into, you are the only one that can answer the question how early can I start decorating for the Christmas holidays? No one else can tell you when you can and cannot have your decorations out. If you want to celebrate the holiday a little earlier than most people, then you can put up your Christmas tree and lights as early as you want. There is no limit to how long the spirit of Christmas can be celebrated, so put your decorations up whenever you like.

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