All gardeners want to do their best to make sure their plants grow and thrive. To make sure that this happens, it's really important to give your plants the appropriate amount of water. This is especially important during the summer months when the temperature is very hot and water can evaporate very quickly. If you want to make sure that your plants stay alive and look beautiful for many months to come, then you need to consider when the best time to water your plants is.

The ideal time to start watering your plants is in the early morning hours of the day. This will give your plants a lot of time to soak up some of the water before the sun comes on so strong. Your plants will have a better chance of benefiting from the water that you give them if they have more time to soak it up before it gets too hot out. Sometimes, your life might be too hectic to get your watering done in the morning. In that case you should water when it gets cooler later on in the afternoon. However, you should really make sure you leave enough time for the plants to dry out a bit before night comes. If you are going on vacation, ask your leasing office to stop by and water your plants, if possible.

Understanding Soil Types

You will need to do more than water your plants at the right time of day if you want to keep them looking healthy and beautiful. You are also going to have to think about just how much water it is that your plants need to have. Of course there are going to be some differences between plants, so you'll need to respect this when it comes to watering. However there are other things, such as soil type, that can dictate how much water you should use.

Before you decide on how much and often you need to water your plants, you should think carefully about the soil that you have used for them. If you have dense soil that is really good at holding in water, then you will not have to water as often or as much. If, however, your soil is rather sandy and often drains fast, then you might need to use more water and water more frequently. If you follow the above tips for the best time to water, then you may be able to use less water than you normally would.

Using Too Much Water

One thing you need to be careful of when you are watering your plants during the morning or afternoon is giving them too much water. It can be really easy to think about getting enough water for your plants, that you simply don't even think about the prospect of over watering them. Not considering this, though, could end up being a big mistake. Plants need to get the right amount of water, not too much, in order to continue to thrive.

Watering your plants too much can have of negative effects on them. For one thing, it can lead to fungal damage that could end up destroying the plants. Furthermore, it could also cause lots of weed to grow in your garden, and this may cause you to waste valuable time removing them. Not to mention that an excessive growth of weeds could choke out and kill lots of your other plants. Finally, too much water for your plants could mean that you actually drown them. This is the last thing that you want to happen, so you need to take extreme care when watering plants during summer.

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