One of the things that make a house home is the decorations that you put up, from gardening plants to your favorite family pictures you have. Many times people like to hang of up pictures of their families and friends. This is a great way to have many of the memories that you have had over the years with the people that you love around you so that you can look at them. Some people like to scrapbook, but many time they do not look through the pictures very often. However, if you have your pictures hung on the wall, then you can look at them all the time. There are a couple of ways that you can get these pictures on your walls, so you can start enjoying them.

The Main Option

The most common way that people hang up their pictures is with nails hammered into the walls. Hanging your pictures will nails has some benefits, but it can also cause some problems. First, you can rely on nails. As long as you find a stud behind your drywall that you can put the nail in, then you can bet that your picture frame will never fall off the wall. However, you might run into some issues with the nail leaving a hole in the wall if you ever want to take your pictures down or move. Luckily there are other options that you can choose from that will be less destructive.

Easier on the Walls

One of the other options that you have for hanging your pictures on the walls is with something that is called a T-pin. These pins are generally used in quilting and other sewing projects, but they can also be useful to put your pictures on the walls. A T-pin is simply a pin that is shaped like a T. They are sturdy and will go through your drywall easily. However, if you were to accidently hit a stud, then you will not be able to drive the T-pin in far enough to hang your picture. You should only hang the pictures that you have that are not very heavy to avoid it falling off the wall.

You can also use things that are plastic hooks. These are going to be the option that leaves the least trace behind if you ever want to take your pictures down because they are only held on the wall by a sticky foam that comes with the hooks. These are easily hung and easily taken down. However, you will have the most trouble keeping your pictures on them because these will be able to hold the least amount of weight. Therefore, you will not want to try and hang any of your really heavy or special pictures, because you might have trouble getting there hooks to stay on the wall.

If you ever wonder should I use nails to hang photos, then you can simply answer by saying some of the time. You can use them exclusively of your pictures that are big and in heavier frames. However, nails are going to leave visible holes in your walls, so you might want to try one of these other options to reduce the damage done, especially if you are renting your space. If you use nails for all of your picture frames that you are hanging on the wall, then you will have a lot of holes to fill. Whereas if you use T-pins for some the holes will be invisible, so you will not have to refill those.

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