Using a Programmable Thermostat

Some people do not think of using a programmable thermostat as a way to save energy, but the truth is, if you know how to use it properly, this is a great way to save energy. Being able to save energy means that you are going to be able to lower your heating and cooling bills, and also lower your water bill as well. Lowering heating and cooling bills can free up money for other things in your life.


Whenever you use a programmable thermostat you will be able to save around ten percent of your heating or cooling bill. To do this you just have to set the thermostat back ten to fifteen degrees for at least an eight hour stretch. If the climate you are in is mild, you are going to have more of a benefit than if the climate you are in is extreme. It is more difficult to keep your heating or cooling off during extreme temperatures.

Best Practices

Before you buy a product you need to make sure it is compatible with your heating and cooling system. Not all thermostats are going to work with all heating and cooling system. Getting a product home from the store just to find out it is not going to work is very annoying.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of model you need. There are three main types of models you can choose from. You can get models that will allow you to have separate setting for all seven days, five days the same and two days different or five days the same and each of the two days different. Depending on your schedule, you can make a choice on which one is going to be the best for you.

There are setting, such as vacation settings, that will allow you to set the thermostat to a different temperature setting for a certain number of days. This will allow you to change your settings while you are gone, but you will not have to come back and change your settings that you normally have because it was a vacation setting. This is a popular feature with people that find themselves traveling frequently.

Whenever you are placing your thermostat, check the instructions that come with your product. These instructions usually will tell you where the best place in your home to place this product is. Generally, it would be in an area of the home that is not susceptible to drafts. Areas near windows and doors are a bad place to put this product. You want to have it away from these places as well as away from skylights and any other source of direct sunlight.

If your thermostat is being affected by outside sources, you will not get a proper reading and your thermostat is not going to be very effective. Be sure that you are careful whenever you pick your placement. Picking an improper placement could cause you to be uncomfortable and to waste money.

Look for other features on your thermostat. You may want to have a battery or filter indicator. The fancier the model, the more options that it comes with. These are great at saving energy, but they also offer a great amount of convenience.

Using a programmable thermostat is not difficult. You can get the benefits that you want out of this product very easily as long as you follow the instructions that are given with the product. Being sure that you have chosen the correct model will allow you to get the most benefits out of this improvement for your home.

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