Whenever you live in an apartment or condo complex, it is important that you understand the rules of car towing. Many times you will not have to worry about having your car towed, but you should still take every precaution to try and keep this from happening to you. Many times when you move into a new apartment or condo, you will be given the rules about things like where you can and cannot put your car, or where you can or cannot put your small garden space. It is important that you read these rules to make sure that you do not accidentaly break some of the rules without being aware of it. However, if your complex did not give you any instructions, then there are things that you can do to ensure that your car does not ever get towed.

The General Rules

Anytime that you have a garage as part of your apartment or condo, then the best plan to keep your car from getting towed is to keep your car in that garage when you are at home. This is the most obvious one because clearly if you have a garage, then that is where the complex would like for you to put your car. If you one have a one car garage but you have two cars, then you should make sure that you park the other car in the driveway directly behind the garage. These areas are clearly places that your car will not be in danger of being towed.

However, not every living complex has garages included in their homes, so you will be forced to find other places to park your vehicle. If your complex does not have garages, then they will have to have just regular parking spaces for your cars. Many times you will have two parking places that are assigned to your apartment or condo number. It is important that you make sure that you park in the spaces that are assigned to you. If you have guests, then they will have to park in the guest parking areas. There are usually a few located near the assigned apartment spaces. However, if those are filled, then your guests will need to look at the other visitor parking spaces that are further from your apartment.

The last thing you can do to prevent your car from getting towed is to pay attention to signs that specify where you should not park. Some condo complexes do not have special parking for visitors, so people are forced to park on the street. If this is the case in your complex, then you will probably be able to see very signs that indicate where you can and cannot park. Some people do not always pay attention to these signs because they think most people will not call to have a car towed that is in a no parking zone. However, there is still the possibility that it can get towed, so you should be sure to respect these signs.

As long as you follow the specific rules of your apartment or condo complex, then you will never for to ask yourself do I need to worry about towing in my complex because you will already know the answer. Any living complex is going to have places that people can and cannot park, so if you take care to park only where it is allowed, then your car should never be in danger of getting towed. Therefore, by just following the rules, you can avoid any fees and the trouble that comes along with your car getting towed.

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