Tips for Removing Old Wallpaper

One of the worst jobs that you can do for a home renovations project is to take down old wallpaper. Depending on how old the wallpaper is you could spend lots of time and energy in doing just this one project. Therefore, you need to try and figure out some tricks of the trade in order to pull down the wallpaper without too much trouble and possibly being able to do it in a green living manner. Most of the tricks that you can use will not require you to buy anything special, so you should be able to do this particular project without spending a lot of money on special chemicals. Once your old wallpaper is down, you can start remodeling your rooms the way you want them to look.

Making the Project Easier

The first thing that you need to do in make that old wallpaper come off your wall easier it so make small puncture holes in the paper. You will need to be careful when you do this so that you do not damage the wall. You can with take a fork and lightly poke through to the wall all over the paper, or you can even buy a tool that will roll along the wallpaper and poke holes in it. Either way you need to make sure that the holes go through the paper, the layer of paste, and all the way to the wall.

Next, you will want to make a solution of hot water and some kind of hand soap. This does not have to be any specific kind of hand soap but just something to make the water soapy. This solution is going to go inside of a spray bottle because it is going to be used to help make the paste underneath the wallpaper so sticky. While the water is still hot, you will want to go ahead and spray the walls. Because you poked the holes in the wallpaper, some of the water is going to go behind the paper and help to melt the paste so that the paper will come off easier. You will want to let the hot soapy water solution sit for a little bit while it works on the paste.

You should not have to wait too long before you will be able to start peeling off portions of the wallpaper. The hot water should still be warm when you do finally start taking down the paper. Because you had already started making the paste less sticky, you should be able to take down portions of the paper in long easy-to-pull strips. However, there will be pieces that did not get the solution on them, so you will want to use the soapy water on those places. Sometimes you might even need to uses a scraper to get pieces of the paste off the walls. Anytime you have to use a tool on the walls, you will need to careful not to scrap or gouge out pieces of the walls.

These are few of the tips for removing old wallpaper, and if you do not want to spend a lot of time taking down layer after layer of wallpaper, then you should follow these directions. By having a little bit of patience once you have spray the hot water solution, you should not have any trouble getting the old paper down. This is going to help you lower the stress that is involved with this kind of home renovation process so that you can enjoy making your house look the way that you want it to look.

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