Tips for Maintaining Your Windows

Windows aren't usually the things that homeowners worry about maintenance on until they get broke or the homeowner notices that there is something wrong with the window. But, windows are just like any other part of your house and need some regular maintenance to keep them working effectively. The smart homeowner will perform the regular maintenance so they don't end up having to replace windows instead of maintaining them. For those who recognize that they might not be the most diligent when it comes to window maintenance, a low maintenance window might be just what you're looking for.


Cleaning your windows might seem like it has everything to do with making the window look good and very little to do with the actual maintenance of the window. While a clean window does look good, it also has everything to do with maintenance. When you clean your windows, you need to think about what you're cleaning them with. Some household cleaners contain chemicals that can actually damage your window. You'll also notice as you clean that you're probably wiping away some of the moisture that's built up.

When it comes to moisture and cleaning products, you're dealing with your first line of defense in the maintenance of your windows. You don't want moisture to ruin your wood frame in your decorated nursery and you don't want cleaning products to eat away at the sealers on your frame. Use vinegar so you know you're getting a clean window without any chemical issues. Moisture can indicate a leak in or around the window, so be sure to check to sealer when cleaning.

The easiest way to avoid all these problems when it comes to cleaning is to buy a maintenance free window. You'll still need to clean it, but it's built for easy maintenance so you can do all your cleaning from the inside of the house and you don't have to worry about rotting wood because the new maintenance free windows are made from longer lasting materials for the ease of the homeowner.


If you have painted or stained frames, you have to keep up on the maintenance of these. While a wood frame can last for years and is relatively easy to clean, the way it is treated with chemicals has a direct impact on how long it's going to be useful. Painted frames and sashes aren't covered in paint just for the looks of it. That paint is there to protect the window from outside elements, including the ones found in your home.

If you have older windows, you may have lead paint on them and that needs to be removed before you do anything else to the window. Lead paint can be quite dangerous without you even realizing it. If your paint is simply peeling and chipping, you not only need to repaint it, but you need to scrape it as well. Painting over areas that aren't properly prepared is a sure way to waste your time and materials as the new paint will simply force the old paint to peel back up.

Even stained windows need to be re-stained periodically. Again, the stain isn't there just for looks. It's protecting the wood beneath. One way to remember to stain your windows is to do it in the spring, when you clean up your yard and re-stain any other wood materials, like your deck or porch rails.

In the end, the best tips for maintaining your windows are the tips that lead you to buy maintenance free windows. All you have to do with them is stay inside your house and clean as needed.

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