You may be asking yourself, should I let my teen decorate his or her own room? If this is the case, then there is no reason why not as long as you sit down and have a conversation about it. Certainly, this is their living space where you want them to feel comfortable and that their tastes are shown. However, you may have certain things that are acceptable in your home and those that are not. As long as you give them the parameters to work with, then they can choose within these limits. It may be anything from a range of colors to a theme of choice, as long as it doesn't infringe on the unacceptable side of things. Otherwise, if you have raised them to be responsible with their decisions and they agree to follow the rules, then this should be a fun process for both of you.

Reasons to Share the Task

It will give them a chance to express themselves and show their sense of style in a safe environment. If there is a question about something, then you can offer your approval or not. As long as you talk about their options with them, then they can still have that freedom of choice. Most of the time, they are willing to follow your house rules, even if the theme they choose is completely off from the rest of your home. Keep in mind that you can always change it later after they have moved out and their taste is likely to change before then as well. The same stages you went through as a kid regarding your favorite items are the same stages they will go through as well. If this is the case, then while you're funding this project, you may not want to buy the most expensive thing on the market, like you would in the case of planning for a new pool.

Planning a Design Project

In terms of a budget for this project, it's also a good lesson in responsibility and money management if you tell them what that amount is. They can then decide what they want to spend the most on or if they want to spread that throughout the room. You may be surprised to see how smart they are with those funds by showing them bargain options or offering them second-hand stores to compare with. Your son or daughter may not feel the need to have a brand new item if they can get more by shopping in gently used stores instead. This is just a smart shopping technique that will help them as they continue to grow. Once they grow up and start using their own budgets, they will appreciate this money lesson that doesn't have any major financial difficulties attached to it.

As you're answering the question, should I let my teen decorate his or her own room, consider how you can use this to both of your benefits. It's not just about sharing the responsibility of what the room looks like when they are finished; it's about seeing what they can do with a measure of freedom. If you never give them a chance to show you what they're made of, then you'll never know how confident you can be as they move on later in life. This is just a mini-example of bigger situations in life they will deal with, except it can be fun to share this with them individually. Use this as a chance to grow together and your relationship will only improve because of that trust.

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