Switching to Reusable Cloth Grocery Bags

Whenever you go into the grocery store you most likely are not thinking about the bags that you are going to use to carry out your groceries. After checking out and being asked whether you want paper or plastic, though not as difficult as choosing new house paint colors, you may pay a little bit more attention but most people do not. Getting home with all of those bags and trying to cram them in with the other one hundred or so that you have may be a little inconvenient.

If you want to stop having to deal with paper or plastic and having all of those extra bags then you can stop using them and use reusable cloth grocery bags. Almost every store has their own brand that they will sell to you for a low price or you may even want to get customized bags. Depending on the size that you want they will be a little bit more expensive. Make sure to get good quality bags so that you do not have to deal with ripping and tearing when you have heavy items in your bag.

Going Green

There are many people that are interested in helping the environment and when you use bags over and over instead of filling up landfills with plastic bags you can do your part. Studies have shown that plastic bags are one of the main contributors to landfills. Your cabinets most likely have their fill of these bags as well.

Since so many people want to help there has been a large demand for reusable cloth grocery bags in the United States. Over the past ten years there have been three billion bags imported to the US for resale or for giving away to people that were ready to use them instead of paper or plastic bags. Although this is true, it does not look like the paper or plastic option is going away anytime soon.

Whenever you shop at some stores they will give you a discount for using these bags or they will give the bags away for free. As people try to find more ways to help the environmental imbalance this is expected to soon be the normal way that these stores react. Whenever you get to the check out lane you simply have to tell them that you have your own bags instead of allowing them to bag up your groceries and other products.

Keep Cleaning When Going Green

As you are using these reusable cloth grocery bags you need to remember to keep them clean. It can be easy to put them into your cabinet without thinking about cleaning them and that may be fine in some instances but not in all of them. If you have been using meat that could have had juicing leaking into the bag it is important that you clean them.

Cleaning the bags is usually easy but it depends on which type of materials that you have. If you have cotton or hemp you usually can just throw them into the washer and dryer as you would other fabrics. If there is dye on them you need to wash them in cold water the first few times. Some of the bags that you use are going to require that you hand wash them when you want them clean so make sure that you check which materials you are using.

Switching to Reusable Cloth Grocery Bags is great for the environment. Some of the stores are now charging for paper or plastic bags to keep their costs down so having your own bag can keep your costs down. This will help our world stay green.

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