If you've recently purchased or rented a condo, then you need to start thinking about getting some condo insurance instead of worrying about good grass to grow in shade. Although there are some people who think that condo insurance is not necessary, it's something that all owners should seek out. If you don't get the right level of coverage, then you could stand to lose thousands of dollars. The best way to protect your home and your assets is by getting a policy that you can count on.

When trying to decide on a condo insurance policy, there are likely to be a good number of questions that you have and want answers to. One thing that comes up a lot when owners are trying to get a policy is what kind of structures in the home will actually be covered by the condo association. There are a number of different answers to this question, and what the right answer for you is may not be the right answer for all condo owners. The truth is, all condo associations are going to have different policies with different levels of coverage.

Understand the Master Policy

If you want to know just which structures on the inside of your home are covered by your condo association's policy, then you're going to need to do some investigating. Most of the time, a condo association will have a policy in place that covers the structure of the condo, but the definition of what the structure is might vary. For example, some may only cover outside structures, such as the roof of your condo, while others will include things like the ceiling on the inside of your condo.

Owners who want to gain a good understanding of what their condo association covers need to make an effort to sit down with a leasing agent and speak about this. Before you even rent or purchase a condo, there should be a thorough explanation of the insurance issues at hand. If your agent does not bring this up with you, then you should feel free to inquire about it. If you can get them to explain things to you in great detail, then you will really have no question about what their policy will cover and what it is going to leave out.

Get Your Own Coverage

If you are worried about the coverage that you have and want to make sure that the inside structures of your home are safe and secure, then you may want to go and speak to your own insurance agent about this. You're going to need to get coverage to secure your personal items anyway, and there may be some other types of coverage that you can select which will cover structures on the inside of your home. Your insurance agent can let you know whether or not there are specific things that you need to worry about when it comes to coverage.

If you make any changes to the structure of your condo, then these are definitely going to be your responsibility. Although your homeowners association may be responsible for some structures in your home, it will not be these ones. If you have plans to make any changes or have already done so, then you may want to call up your insurance agent. If you don't report these changes and get  added to your policy, then you may not get compensation if you have to make a claim. Report things as soon as you can and make sure you are covered.

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