Reusing Baby Food Jars for Office Supplies

Once emptied of their original contents and sterilized through the dishwasher, used baby food jars can be recycled as containers for many items. Their usefulness and durability makes them ideal for storing everything from kitchen utensils to dried herbs and spices in the pantry, nails and washers and screws in the garage, and even items like hair clips and cotton swabs in the bathroom.

The idea of repurposing baby food jars for storage in the tool shed, bathroom, kitchen or workshop is nothing new. For years these handy dandy little containers have been used for many different tasks beyond their original use. The home crafter knows how useful clean and empty baby food jars are for mixing paint and storing smaller objects used in scrap booking, sewing or many other enjoyable hobbies, such as decorating for Halloween.

As recycled storage vessels go, baby food jars are an excellent repurposed item. There are so many ways to reuse these containers around the house and beyond. Think about reusing your baby food jars as a receptacle for your office supplies and your desk, supply closet and even your drawers, will become the organizational standard for offices everywhere. Many items fit perfectly into these jars and the jars themselves fit perfectly into many areas.

Consider your desk drawer for a moment. Take a peek inside and you may discover items such as rubber bands, paper clips, push pins, thumb tacks, loose staples, pens, pencils, and even spare change rolling around as you pull open your drawer. Wouldn't it be lovely to have each and every item accounted for and tidy? You'll no longer have to blindly dig in the back of your drawer, hoping to locate the item you need.

Depending on the depth of your office desk drawer, you may find the 2 oz. jars, the jars that contain purees for babies just starting to eat baby food, nestle quite well in your top drawer. The larger jars-the 4, 4.5 and 6 oz. sizes will be useful as storage containers in your deeper drawers. You may even be able to stack them with additional supplies.

Not only will your drawers be tidier, but you can also use the empty baby food jars to neaten up your desk top as well. Errant, yet often used pens and pencils will have a handy home inside of one of the larger jars.

If you have the space, you can fashion a shelf with cleaned and sanitized jar lids affixed to the top. Then simply fill your jars with office supplies and screw the jar into the lid. Voila! Your mess is not only cleaned up, but tucked away and out of sight. You can even use a label maker to personalize your storage jars so that you'll know at first glance what's inside.

Baby food jars also lend themselves to use as decorative containers for your desk top. You can let your children or young friends come up with endless ways to adorn the jars and use them to spruce up and brighten up your personal office space. Fill your jar with potpourri or scented salts to freshen up your space and relax your mood. Filled with salt ort sand your empty jar will hold a tea light or votive candle nicely. Maybe you could repurpose your baby food jar as a personal candy dish.

Preparing your own lunch is a great way to save money and eat healthy. If you enjoy salads, a baby food jar makes a handy single serving container for salad dressing. There are many ways to go green by reusing baby food jars for office supplies and more.

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