The first step to reporting a crime in your complex should always involve calling local law enforcement. Dialing 9-1-1 is usually the way this happens in most cases. You should also place a call to your homeowner's association's office. The reason for this is to make sure they are aware of things and to see if there are steps they can take to prevent the crime from happening again.

Form a Neighborhood Watch

When you were initially looking for condos good for children, you likely asked about crime when speaking to people in the complex. If your complex has a series of crimes and this is out of the ordinary, you should consider forming a neighborhood or community watch. If you were the victim of the crime, you could post flyers and see how many of people in your community would attend a meeting to discuss safety.

If you are concerned about crime, it is highly likely that the people that live in your community are as well. You should start the meeting and give as detailed a description of the crime that happened to you as you are comfortable giving. You would want to provide your neighbors with a thorough picture of just how it started. If you were robbed while getting into your car, tell them the direction the robber approached from.

Giving a description of the perpetrator is very helpful in preventing further crime. Make sure everyone knows what this person looked like, what they were wearing, if they had any identifying characteristics, and what they drove. Do not leave out any detail because it could keep someone from being a victim.

If there are a string of crimes happening, such as people breaking into cars and stealing valuables, you should form a neighborhood watch. Making people more aware of the things that are happening where they live will make your complex a better place. A neighborhood watch is easy to start and maintain.

A neighborhood watch consists of a weekly meeting where different residents are assigned or volunteer for different tasks. You could set up a group of people that walk through the community at different hours of the night to see if anything looks out of the ordinary. This group can be comprised of different people each night but they absolutely must go out in a group. If some in the group cancel for one particular night, the remaining person must not go out alone.

The group should carry flashlight and have their cellphones. If there is any trouble at all, you should walk away and call the police. Do not try to stop crime yourself. Criminals do not think clearly and don't like to be snuck up on.

Install Security Features

If the crime continues for some time, you could see if the homeowner's association would consider putting up security lights. This is a great way to deter any would be criminals. Making members of the neighborhood watch more aware of the normal comings and goings around the complex is a great way to keep crime at bay. If they notice something through their window that looks out of place, instruct them to call the police immediately if they think a crime is in progress.

If you ask yourself, how do I report a crime in my complex the answer should always be call 9-1-1. See if the homeowner's association will install security lights or hire security guards. Take your safety very seriously and be aware of your surroundings to protect yourself and your neighbors.

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