The question as to whether you can renew your condo insurance policy online depends on your insurer. Nearly every insurer will let you do this but it is important to know before your policy gets ready to lapse. Visit your insurer's website, call their customer service telephone number, or speak to an agent directly and ask them whether you can renew online.

Making sure you renew your coverage before it lapses in incredibly important and you need to stay on top of this. Most insurers will send you several messages, either via email or standard mail, notifying you of your situation. The company does not want you to lose your coverage because it means they will receive less money.

Check if You Automatically Renew

Some companies automatically renew your coverage. This is important to remember if you ever move out and change insurers. You may receive a bill in the mail regarding insurance on your old condo that you do not live in anymore. Most places do this as a convenience in case you forget to renew. You need to actually call or go to their website and cancel the policy when you no longer need or want it.

When your policy is getting close to the end, it is a great time to shop around to make sure you are getting the best rates you can. Even though you may have been with your current insurer for many years it does not mean that you are getting the best rates that are available. You should start shopping around all of your insurance policies every few years to be sure you are getting the coverage and prices you want.

If you have your car insurance with one insurer and your condo insurance policy with another, you should think about getting a bundled price from a single provider. This is an easy way to save a bundle of money on the protection you need. Get a quote for many different policies under the umbrella of one company and you will be surprised at how much you can save.

When you are renewing your policy is it a great time to make sure that the original coverage your purchased is still enough. If you have made any really large purchases or inherited any very valuable things from relatives in the recent past, they may not be covered for what they are actually worth. Take the time to ask your agent or a representative of the company if your grandmother's very large diamond earrings are covered under your current policy.

Buy Extra Coverage for Valuables

You will likely need to get a special rider for any jewelry or art work that is worth a lot of money. Talk to your insurance company to make sure you have them insured for the correct amount. If you inherited a piece of artwork that is worth tens of thousands of dollars you need to get it insured because if you don't and a fire breaks out in your condo, it will not usually be covered.

You can also use your insurance coverage renewal to sign up for some of the green options your insurance company offers, such as paperless billing. This is an excellent way to help cut down on the number of trees being cut down to produce bills and they usually end up in the trash anyway. Set your account up to view your bills online and save the time it takes to search for bills around your condo. Paperless billing is a great idea if you are concerned with being environmentally friendly.

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