Removing Wine Stains From Furniture

Stains and spills are just a fact of life. Whenever you have nice furniture that you want to protect, it is important that you know how to remove stains or at least minimize them. Wine can be a hassle, especially if you do not take the proper measures to clean up the area that has been spilled on.

Act Quickly

While you should not be panicked and stressed whenever you see that someone has spilled wine on your furniture you need to act quickly. Do not shrug it off and wait until after the gathering to make sure that you do not make anyone feel bad. You need to remove the excess spillage as quickly as possible.

To remove excess spillage you can use an absorbent cloth or paper towel to blot the excess wine. Whatever you use to blot the spill, you need to make sure that you do not care about the cloth because it will be stained after you use it to blot the wine. You should also make certain that you do not rub the wine or you will cause it to set in even more than it already has.

Getting the Stain Out

After you have removed the excess spill, you need to make sure that you dilute the stain on the furniture. You can dilute the stain on the furniture by pouring water directly on the stain. Once you do this just blot it with an absorbent cloth.

The stain usually will not come up all of the way by just doing this. You probably are going to have to use a furniture cleaner. Resolve is a good product that has proven to work considerably well. One other option many people do not know about is the use of Lestoil, which is a floor cleaner. It can be used if you dilute it with water. To use it for wine stains you should use cold water to dilute it.

Even after you do all of this work you may find that your stain is still being very stubborn. If you get to this point, it is time to call in the professionals or maybe get a repair estimate online. Some furniture is dry clean only and will not let a stain out without going to a professional. You should still use the steps above to get as much of the stain out as you possibly can before you call the professionals. This will make their job much easier.

If there is one thing that you should remember is that time is not on your side. If you wait and allow the stain to sit for any amount of time you are raising your chances of having a set in stain that is not going to be removed. You need to make sure that you clean the spot as quickly as possible and then call a professional if you can not get the job done. Some stains just will not come out but it is important that you try.

If at all possible you should prevent stains from happening. You can use simple things such as slipcovers whenever you know that you are going to be drinking wine or you could have everyone go into an area with wooden furniture to be even safer. Removing wine stains from furniture can be very frustrating but as you can see from the information above, it is not impossible to get the results that you want but you do have to act quickly and in a proper manner if you want the stain to be removed.

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