Removing Scuff Marks From the Floor

Whether your home is old or new, you may be having trouble with scuff marks. Scuff marks make your floor look dull and in some cases leave a dark mark from where the object scrubbed the floor. This is not attractive and you want to make sure that you rid yourself of these marks as soon as possible.

Scuff marks are not complicated, and much like changing home air cleaners, the more you do them the simpler they get. These marks either come from shoes or chairs with rubber bottoms most of the time. Walkers and step ladders are also common culprits.

If you are getting a lot more marks than you used to get, it could be a sign that your protective wax or polish is wearing off. If it is wearing off you should strip it from the floor. Once it is stripped from the floor, clean all residue that was left behind, and redo the protective covering. Whenever you have the proper protective covering on your floor it will be easy to get up scuff marks.

The Removal Process

For those of you that have well waxed and polished floors, the job is going to be easy. Most of the time all that you have to do is use an all purpose cleaner on the offending scuff. Make sure that you use a sponge or something else which is not too abrasive whenever you are cleaning. If you use an abrasive cloth or something similar to clean your properly polished or wax floor, you are going to end up removing that finish.

In case your floors are a little more stubborn because their polish or wax is coming off, there are some simple things that you can do to help your problem. Most of the time you will have something in your house that will be great for removing scuff marks from the floor. Read the different suggestions below and see which one works for you.

Small, light scuffs can be taken care of quickly. These are the scuffs that may go unnoticed for a while, but whenever you find them, all you need is a normal pencil eraser. Use a little effort and your eraser can usually get the scuff right up. There are commercial scuff erasers available for purchase which are basically the same thing, but made of harder rubber. An old tennis shoe will do the same thing as a commercial eraser.

There are some solutions that you can make up at home that can help you get the results that you want. You can put some baking soda and water together to make a mixture that will get the scuff marks out. Make sure that you use a towel that is clean and white so that you can properly remove the scuff. The clean white towel can also be used if you dip it in lighter fluid. Toothpaste is surprisingly good at removing scuff marks as well.

Removing these scuff marks from your floor can make it look new again. It is not as difficult as you might have thought. After you remove these marks you may find that you do not need to take up the polish or wax after all. Find out what has been causing your problem, and you are going to have a scuff free floor.


Always make sure that you check the cleaning instructions for your floor before you think about removing scuff marks from the floor. Many times your instruction manual will tell you the best way to remove these annoying marks. If you do not see any instructions and feel comfortable with using one of the methods above, please do so.

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