Is it safe to purchase an outdoor fire pit? The answer to that goes along with your preparation methods. This is because if you  are looking for cheap decorating ideas, but have not figured out exactly where that pit will be placed and then measured how far away it is from walls, vinyl siding, children's play areas, etc., then you may end up having some problems. Instead of waiting until something does go wrong, make sure you have given it enough clearance so this will not become the place of a disaster. If you cannot put it in a secluded area, then perhaps you should put a gate around it so younger people cannot access it without your permission. This will at least protect you legally and keep most liability hazards from occurring in the first place. This the best use of your resources so you can avoid any potential errors or mistakes.

Use of the Fire Pit

Another feature to consider will be how big of fires you plan on having. If you are just using this as a family get-together place or a party centerpiece, then perhaps it won't be a problem. If you are using it for warmth or to do some cooking, then you may want to have an area cleared around it so sparks and other things flying out of the fire don't start a fire somewhere else. Sometimes, these are the details that are not planned for and can cause emergency situations. When this occurs, you need to have a fire extinguisher or a hose nearby to put those sparks out. In fact, you may find that your insurance company will give you a discount on your rates because of the presence of these safety items, even though they know you may have a fire pit, pool or other dangerous items installed.

Handling the Metal Pit

Handling an outdoor fire pit needs to be done carefully. Depending on what the metal is, it may retain the heat from the fire for a longer period of time. That means you should have some gloves at hand ready to go in case you need to grab it for some reason. It's just smart business to always be prepared for the worst so you don't have to deal with the results of those circumstances. Also, having some gloves on hand will keep you from getting ashes all over yourself when you need to clean out the fire pit. Make sure you do this on a regular basis so the ashes don't build up in your fire and up spilling over at some point. There may be an opening in the bottom where you can simply brush the ashes into a bucket and then you won't need to remove the fire pit at all.

So, if you're looking for the answer to the question, is it safe to purchase an outdoor fire pit, the answer is really up to you. As long as you take the time to make the area safe and keep the fire pit away from the buildings and smaller people who may be injured, then yes. For those purchases that are going to be built-in, then you might be able to purchase a lid or cover that is custom-made for that fire pit. However, if you are going to be using the portable version, then you might have to substitute another lid or cover to make sure unnecessary messes are not created. Just keep this in mind when you are comparing different versions of the same kind of product.

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