When moving out of your condo complex, the first step would be to inform the condo association. You also cannot go wrong informing all of your neighbors about your plans as well. If you live in an upper floor unit, speak to the manager of your complex to see if you can close off the elevator during your move. This can save a lot of time since you will not be waiting for it while others are using it.

The very next move when moving out of your complex would be to notify the post office about your new address. This step is not a bad one to do a week or so before your actual moving date. Switching all of your magazine subscriptions and other mail to your new residence can take some time. Getting the ball rolling in this regard can help reduce the number of parcels that get mailed to your old address.

Cover All Bases

If you have federal student loans, you need to notify the government of your new address as soon as you know it. You also need to make sure your bank and credit card companies know that you will no longer be living at your current condo. Calling them to make sure they do not send statements or other correspondence with account numbers or offers is important. This is the way that people get their identities stolen.

When you move out of your condo complex, make sure you find out if there are any move out fees due. Check with the manager of the complex because many complexes charge several hundred dollars just to move out. They will tell you these go to help cover the costs of damage to communal hallways or help cover costs for the pet friendly dog park. Move out fees also help cover the changing of the tags on your mailbox among other things.

Make sure you see this fee stated in writing on the move in documents you received regarding the complex. If it is not in writing you can challenge the fee. Move out fees are usually put in place to keep owners from renting their units. If you signed a lease with the unit's owner and they did not include a move out fee, you are not responsible for paying it even if the complex tries to charge one. The owner in this case would be responsible for your move out fee.

Hiring a Mover

If you have a large condo, you may want to inform a moving company to help you with this process. You could use a full service mover that will come in and be in charge of packing, moving, and driving all of your possessions to your new location. This is a great alternative to doing the work yourself and can make a generally stressful time much easier.

Your other choice would be to inform a moving truck rental company of your plans and procure one of their vehicles. This way is sometimes better, since you can take your time and pack everything the way that you want to. Some people have problems with strangers touching and packing their personal items. If this is not the case, a full service mover would be a better bet for your needs although they are usually more expensive.

Make sure you inform your condo association when you plan on moving from the community. Notifying a few other places such as the post office, your bank, and a moving company can also make your move go smoother. Doing things by the book and telling your association is imperative.

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