Making your yard pet friendly is easy if you try and think like your pet does. Most pets are curious by nature and will try to escape to go explore your neighborhood. This is a perfectly natural response on their part, as they do not know it is not okay to go explore everywhere. The other main issue when making your yard pet friendly is to make it a safe place for them to enjoy themselves. If you do not have grass covering your yard, it is highly recommended for pets.

The very first thing you need to do to make your yard more pet friendly is to have a fence installed that keeps them in and safe. Too many dogs and cats get run over by cars when they get out of their yards and try to cross busy streets. The right size fence depends on the size of your animal. Cats are excellent climbers and will be able to get out of most backyards. This will happen, unless you have some sort of barriers in place to stop them from escaping.

Get Them a Collar

You can do this by only letting them out on your apartment complex balcony or screened in porch. This would allow them the freedom to get some fresh air and bask in the sun. If you do want to let them out in the open in your yard, please make sure they have a collar on that identifies them as having an owner. Take the time to make one of the metal tags that get attached to their collars with your name and phone number on it. If you do not do this, you run the risk of animal control thinking they are a stray and having them taken to the pound and possibly destroyed.

If you have a large dog you want to make sure you have a large enough fence that they cannot just over. You also need to make sure your fence stays in good working order because dogs have a tendency to find a weak spot and create a hole. If they cannot go over them, they will usually try to go through or under them. Make sure you have a tag on their collar identifying them and you just as you would with your cats.

Most people take pride in their lawn being green and well taken care of. This usually involves fertilizing with chemicals and sprays. You need to read every label and make sure that if you use this, it will not kill your pets. A lot of people have lost pets in this manner because they were in a hurry and did not read the label. You also need to be sure you do not leave any gardening or other tools out that could potentially injure your pets.

Plan some Fun

A yard is supposed to be a place for a pet to have fun. Experiment with your pets to find the type of toys they like the best. If it is a ball for your dog, buy several of them to keep them entertained. If they like chasing birds, set up a bird feeder to draw them to your yard. Find a way to make your pet's day when they come into your yard.

When making your yard pet friendly, think like they would. They will try to find a way out to explore their surroundings. It is your job to make sure they remain safe by putting up a fence. Take some time to explore their likes and dislikes and make it a fun place.

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