Maintain Your Leather Furniture

Getting leather furniture is one of the best feelings. You will not be able to find furniture that will look nicer, smell better, or last longer than leather furniture. However, in order for you to be able to keep your new leather couch looking as good as it did on the day that you bought it, there are a couple of things that you need to do. You must be careful because if you do not take care of your pieces of furniture, then you may end up having to buy new pieces sooner than you should have to. If you follow these steps for cleaning your leather furniture, you may never have to buy more furniture for the rest of your life. Then you can enjoy the furniture more because you will know that you got your money's worth out of it.

Tips for Cleaning

Oftentimes when you buy a piece of leather furniture, the store or the interior design company that you get the piece from will offer to sell you the kind of cleaning solution that you need to use on that particular piece. Before using the solution, you should read the directions for care on the bottle of cleaning solution that you get as well as gathering together all of the necessary cleaning items such as a vacuum, a bucket of soapy water, and some cleaning rags. Rather than just starting to clean the largest area of the couch, you should experiment these cleaning techniques in an inconspicuous spot just in case the solution or the soap that you are using may strip off the stain on the leather.

If everything goes alright with your trial spot, then you can start with the cleaning of the rest of the couch. Your first step is going to be vacuuming the couch. Unfortunately, the coloring on leather furniture can somewhat fragile. Therefore, you need to take extra care when you are vacuuming. You should always use the soft bristle attachment to your vacuum cleaner because this will decrease the risk of scratching the furniture. If you have a small vacuum that does not have as strong suction, you might think about using that as well. Remember the more careful you are the less likely you will cause any damage to the furniture. You would hate it if your leather furniture was ruined because you were not cautious during the process of taking care of it.

Now that you have gotten all of the dust and food crumbs off the couch, you can start the cleaning and polishing process. The best things to do are use small amount of the soapy water and gently wipe down one cushion at a time. The rag that you are using should just be slightly damp because you will not want to get too much water on the furniture. Then you should wipe off anything that the soapy water may have left behind with another rag. Now you can apply the leather solution that you got from the store. This will likely give the leather that fresh, just bought look.

Enjoy Your Couch

Anytime that you buy new furniture, you should ask many questions about how you maintain your leather furniture. You should be able to clean the couch without too much trouble, but no one will know that best way to teach you than the company that you buy the couch from. Just to be safe, you should try to get as much information on the proper way to maintain the furniture before you try anything on it. This is just to make sure you do not accidently ruin your new furniture.

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