Maintaining wood flooring is different from caring for carpet or tile. If the carpet gets soiled, you either vacuum or use carpet cleaner. If your tile is dirty you clean it with a mop or similar cleaning tool. Hard wood floors are really not too much different in theory, you just use different tools.

When you buy your hard wood floors for bathrooms or even your living room, you should ask the representative at the store how the manufacturer recommends cleaning it. Your floor will likely come with a warranty and cleaning with products or methods not specified by the manufacturer can void your warranty. Some warranties can last decades, so this is highly recommended.

Mats and Rugs Extend Finish

Before you think about cleaning tools or products, take steps to protect your floor from damage and dirt. Install a mat outside every entrance to your home. This can seriously reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked in. You also need to provide people with an area just inside your exterior doors for them to remove their shoes. This can be a great step to preserve the look of your hard wood floors.

Installing tile in your foyer is a very smart move and can make maintaining your hard wood floors much easier. If you do not like the look of tile, make sure you have some sort of rug to help absorb the water that can linger on shoes, either from the rain or the snow. Rugs can play an important role in your home when you have wood flooring.

You will find that hard wood flooring in no harder to care from than carpet or tile. You should become familiar with a dust mop or other tool to help remove any loose dust or dirt. You can also use a wet mop with a hard wood flooring cleaner. If you moved into a home with wood flooring and are unsure who the manufacturer is, take a trip to a local flooring store and ask a few specialists what they recommend.

Recoating your Wood Flooring

There are several finishes for wood flooring, so when your floor needs special care you should consult a professional and determine the proper method of restoring its finish. Prefinished flooring will usually specify the approximate time period the finish will last and when you will need to apply a recoat to get your floors looking great again. Urethane or wax coated flooring will need occasional recoats and possible buffing to keep its finish. If you are not very handy, find out who does quality work on wood flooring in your area to keep your surfaces looking great for years.

The strategic placement of area rugs can extend the life of the finish on your flooring. Using rugs underneath furniture is always a great idea, if you shake them out occasionally. You will also benefit from placing felt pads or similar soft, smooth materials underneath the legs of furniture and chairs. Using care when moving furniture or appliances over your wood flooring is also key to keeping them maintained.

Steam cleaners are also a great investment for cleaning up spills and cleaning without the use of chemicals. This cleans without leaving behinds spots of water that could potential damage your wood flooring if left to sit. Water drops on your wood floor can possibly cause small white spots to appear but can be easily cleaned using very fine steel wool and mineral spirits. Maintaining wood floors is not hard if you take the proper preventative steps and clean them at least as frequently as you would carpet.

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