If you can answer, how can I keep my plants from dying, then you are likely to become a well sought out form of advice. Many people ask themselves this question every day because they feel like they were born with a brown thumb. Sometimes, it seems like no matter where you put your plant in the house, it just appears unhappy and wilted and looks like it's about to die in the next five minutes. However, then you go to your friend's new condo complex and they have these beautiful houseplants that seemed to bloom and grow no matter what she does to them. How do they do pull that off?

Proper Amount of Sunlight

One thing to consider when you are going to buy a house plant is how much sunlight comes into your residence. Certain plants need a certain amount of sun, but they also may require a balance of shade during the day. Make sure you read the tag carefully on how to care for the plant before you actually buy it. This will tell you if you have the right environment for this item in the first place. If you can narrow down your choices based on the right amount of light and exposure, then you have a higher chance of success in terms of helping this plan live longer than the trip home.

Watering at Correct Intervals

Another important portion to consider is how often the plant needs water. Some plants are practically maintenance-free and do not require any water except for maybe once every two or three weeks. These are perfect for the busy person because you don't have to sit there and baby and hope you gave enough water but didn't drown it at the same time. Of course, if you're already home, then you may be able to water your plants every day, if that's what they require. Just make sure your schedule fits in with what this plan requires to grow successfully.

If your plan is growing and it seems to be running out of room, then you might want to change the pot. This is another common reason why plants die and that's because their roots actually run out of room to function properly. If you can transplant it into a larger pot, then it will grow to fit that pot as well and will likely last even longer. Usually, this is not a big expense because you can pick up a pot for a fairly reasonable price. If it helps, then you can also transplant it to the dirt outside if it seems to be growing that quickly.

All of these answers and more will help you figure out your particular method to, how can I keep my plants from dying? If you take the time to study up on each one and make sure you're following at least the basic recommendations, then you can fine tune things after that point. Perhaps your plant likes to sit in the kitchen versus your office where it gets a little more open air. Or perhaps your supposed outdoor plant actually functions and grows better by setting it just inside the back door. These are little things you can do once you figure out how to grow things specifically in your home. It's not going to be the same for everyone, but there are common points to watch out for with all of them. Keep that in mind and you won't feel like a brown thumb anymore, but rather a very educated light green entrepreneur.

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