One of the best parts about choosing the right patio furniture and having a patio outdoors is that you can have your friends over for parties. Everyone loves grilling out with friends outside. However, anytime you host a party that is outside, you run the risk of having to deal with little critters getting in the way of your good time, especially if you have the party during the summer. Bugs are attracted to parties because they like the food, the sugary drinks, the lights, and the people. However, there are ways that you can prevent these little critters from coming uninvited to your party and causing your guests to be bothered by them. Once you know the ways to keep these bugs away, you will be able to make sure that you throw the outside party that you have already wanted.

Three Bug Repellents

The most commonly used form of bug control for any outdoor party is called citronella candles. These candles are scented with a smell that bugs do not like. Therefore, the bugs are more likely to fly away from the party rather than toward it. You will need to get many of these kinds of candles in order for them to effectively keep bugs away from your patio. One will want to try and line your patio with these candles so that the smoke of the candles makes a wall that does not have any holes in it. Luckily, these citronella candles smell good to humans and the smoke is not so thick that it will be a hindrance to your guests.

You should also invest in using some kind of bug spray. The bug spray is not going to keep the bugs away from your party, but it is going to protect your guests. Bug spray is meant to mask the scent of humans that these critters like, so that they are less likely to bite the guests at your party. You are still likely to have some bugs that show up at the party, but the number will be lessened. Unfortunately, you will not be able to keep the bugs off of the food at your party, so you will not want to have bug spray as your only form of protection.

The last option is something that not a lot of people know would be something that you could do to keep bugs away from a party. As you probably do know, bugs are attracted to lights, so a good way for you to get bugs away from your party is to turn on a light that is set up far away from your patio. This light will still attract bugs, but because the light is not near the party, the bugs actually will be attracted away from the party. This light can also serve another purpose because you can set up the light to face the patio. This is going to allow you and your guests to stay outside after the sun has gone down.

Anytime that you have an outdoor party, you will want to figure out a good answer to the question how can I keep bugs away from my patio? Thankfully, there are many options that you have available to you. Although these options will all decrease the number of bugs that show up on your patio, your best bet to keeping bugs away is to implement all three of these ideas. This way you can make triple sure that none of these little pest show up at your outdoor get together on your patio.

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