It is easier to hire a contractor to paint your home. The question of is it better really depends on how much you like doing home improvement projects, how much experience you have painting, and how much time you have to get see the project through to completion. Whether your installing carpet or tile in your home or planning a painting project, using a contractor can yield some seriously beautiful result and take a fraction of the time it would take for you to do it yourself.

Painting, as in any renovation project, usually takes a while to complete from start to finish. You must figure out exactly how many rooms you want to tackle during this go round and if you are planning on painting the exterior as well. If you are doing your whole house, using a contractor is much easier. If you are only doing a few interior rooms, you may be able to do a quality job in a weekend or two.

Think This Project Through

When people think about painting their homes for the first time, they may underestimate the project a little. You may think it is as easy as going and picking a paint color and slapping it on your walls. There are many steps in between the two listed above.

Do not put yourself in the unfortunate position of wasting your time trying to do the project, only to figure out you have no idea what you are doing and need to hire a contractor. Many people have wasted many a weekend doing this very same thing. If you have a very bold color that you are trying to cover with a not so bold color, you will need to take some extra steps.

Primer is usually needed when painting a lighter color over a darker one. Primer also comes in handy when you are painting over stripes. The primer is a sort of preparation paint. This helps to cover bold colors so you do not have to keep applying coat after coat of the color paint you are using. Primer also helps your paint adhere better which makes it last a lost longer and stay looking nice.

Many newer paints say that they have primer built into the color they are selling you. Trust this if you want but it rarely ever works better than applying a separate primer and color. Doing this work yourself also means further preparation of your walls. If you had many pictures that left nail holes or other dent, dings, or scratches you need to fill these with some sort of spackle. This is a malleable type of putty that dries with a finish similar to that of drywall or plaster.

Patch Any Holes

Prior to your project, you need to cover your flooring to make sure it is not damaged while you paint. After you fix all of the nail holes with spackle, you need to prime your walls. After this you need to let the primer dry and possible apply a second coat. Then you finally come to painting. There is a technique to make sure the paint does not drip and looks even that involves making very long vertical brush strokes.

Of course you could avoid all of this by hiring a contractor to paint your house. These men and women have crews that can finish your whole house in a matter of days. All you have to do is pick out the color and they have specialized machines that apply just enough paint to the surfaces. Why not save yourself some trouble and hire a contractor to make your home look beautiful?

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