Getting Rid of Cobwebs

One of the more annoying and hardest places to clean in your house besides removing carpet stains, is the corners of the ceiling. This is one place that many people do not even think about when they are cleaning their house, but it is also an area where cobwebs. Cobwebs are basically spider webs where the spider that made it no longer lives there. One of the worst parts about having cobwebs in your home is the fact that you know there is a spider living somewhere in your home. However, there is also just how cobwebs look. Many people associate cobwebs with old, run down, and haunted buildings, so once you see a cobweb, you should try and get rid of it immediately.

The Trouble with Cobwebs

Once you start trying to get the cobwebs off of your ceiling, you might find that they are more difficult to get rid of than you first thought. Since they are in actuality spider webs, they still maintain the stickiness of the spider web. However, with a cobweb, the spider has not been keeping the many spindles of the web, so they are usually stuck together and will feel a lot like cotton. You might notice when you try to get the web off the wall that the web will break and then will stick to the sides of the wall. Then you try to get the web off the wall, it just gets rolled up and sticks to the wall. This is why it is so frustrating to clean cobwebs, but there are some tricks you can use to get them down.

Tricks of the Trade

Obviously, you have already tried to dust the corner that the cobwebs are, so you will want to take a few extra measures. One of the best ways to make dust or cobwebs lose their ability to stick is to sprinkle a little bit of water on them. This water is going to change the consistency of the cobwebs, so they should be easier to simply dust off the wall. If a sprinkle of water does not work, then you should try actually using a water wash cloth. You might have to get a ladder or a chair to get up to the area that need to, but with a wet washcloth, you should have no trouble getting that cobweb off your wall.

If you do not want to get your walls and ceiling wet, then you can try using a vacuum. Depending on how strong your vacuum is, you should be able to get the cobwebs off the wall. However, some people like to try using the brush portion of their vacuum. This would be a mistake because then the cobweb will simply get stick to the brush. You would have successfully gotten it off the ceiling, but now you will have to pick it off of the vacuum. Therefore, you should just use the wand extension without the brush, and you should have no trouble getting the cobwebs down.

There are many ways of getting rid of cobwebs, but many of them will result in lots of time and energy spent to do it. By just adding a little bit of water to the cobweb and then running the vacuum wand over it, you can get rid of your cobwebs in no time at all. Then, you can use the time that you would have spent trying to get your cobwebs cleaning the rest of your house or watching a movie with your family. Any job that can be made easier should be, so you can relax.

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