Fixing Squeaky Door Hinges

Whenever you live in a condo, quite a few of the repairs that you will have in your property will need to be done yourself. You can either hire someone to come to your property to make these fixes for you, or you could save yourself some money and do them yourself. If you do fix things yourself, it will be very important to actually know what you are doing. You do not want get halfway through your annual air conditioning repairs only to find out that you do not know what you are doing. This will be more costly in the end since you will end up having to call someone out to finish the job for you.

While saving money on repairs, such as squeaky door hinges, will be one of your end goals, you should also make sure that you do the job correctly. You will need to do all of your research so that you will know what you are doing. You do not want to do the job incorrectly or use the incorrect materials since that could end up costing you more money in the end. You might have to replace things that were working before you started making the repairs.

How to Fix Hinges

Most squeaky door hinges are caused by moisture getting in between the metal pieces of the hinge itself. The moisture will then cause rusting to occur and cause a binding between the metals of the hinge. Another reason why the hinges might start creaking is from the door settling and causing the metal pin that holds the hinge together to start warping. Things no longer align the way that they should and the metal scrapes together when you open and close your door. You could also have an issue where your hinge simply needs to have more lubrication to help it not squeak when it closes.

If you have the first issue, where the metal has started to rust, one option that you could try would be to clean the hinge with a rust protective spray that you could find at the local hardware store. There will be instructions on how to use this material safely since you do not want to cause any dangerous fumes to enter your lungs. If this method does not work, it might be time to replace your hinges and install new ones that do not squeak when you use them.

If you have the second issue where the metal pin has warped, causing the door to not close correctly, you might need to replace the hinge. This will likely be the best way to fix the issue that you are having. You could also use a lubricant on the hinges to help end the squeaking. There are numerous lubricants that are actually designed for this, but using a generic oil that is not water based will help to resolve your problem. Using water-based lubricants might cause an issue since you do not want to allow moisture to get into your hinges.

Fixing squeaky door hinges is usually a simple job, though. For the most part, the reason that your door is squeaking when you close it is because you just need to lubricate the hinges. When you purchase the hinges, they will have a lubricant already installed on them. You will need to add to that lubrication in the future if you use the door frequently. This is because the lubricant that came with the hinges will eventually wear away from years of use of opening and closing the door.

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