First Birthday Party Themes

A child's birthday is one of the most important times of the year to them. They look forward to their birthdays all year long and when that day finally arrives, they want it to be different than any other day. Making sure that your child's birthday is an occasion that he or she will remember for the rest of his or her year, you need to make sure that the theme of that birthday is one worth remembering. However, because of shifting interests and growing pains of preference, you can never assume that your child will want the same kind of party two years in a row. Instead, you need to plan for the possibility of your child will want a new kind of party each year. This being the case, it is always a good idea to figure out what some other possibilities for future themes are so that you are prepared.

Birthday Theme Ideas

Outdoor party themes are great ones to take if your child celebrates his or her birthday in the summer or warmer months. This kind of party can include outside games, grilling and a lot of activity. The best part about outdoor parties is that you are not restricted to how many people can attend. Invite the entire neighborhood. Since it is outdoors, you will be able to have as many people as your outdoor space can support. If you do not want to supply food for everyone, ask each person attending to bring a snack or a drink so that there will be enough food. You can even have them bring food in lieu of presents for the child.

Mystery parties are the kind of party that have a very specific game to them. Create a game for the children where they all have to work together to find out who stole the cake and the presents and where they are hiding. Leave obvious clues all around the party area that lead to them finding where the cake and presents are. If you are hosting for older kids, you can make it a murder mystery party where someone has "died" and they have to work to find out who did the murder. If you want a more complex game, you can even have one of the children in attendance be the murderer. Just pull them to the side and tell them beforehand so that they are in the know.

A final theme that you can do is a carnival theme. This kind of theme can be hosted either indoors or outdoors. Have carnival games and food for the children to enjoy so that it really feels like they are at a large carnival. You will not be able to have the big rides, so make sure that there are plenty of other games and prizes to keep their attention high.

There are other party ideas that you can take into consideration. Of course, some of these ideas will not work if you are trying to find first birthday party themes, but you can have the party for children and adults alike so that everyone that is in attendance will enjoy the party. Remember that younger children will simply enjoy the camaraderie and the colors of the party. Because of this, the theme is not as important as the activity for the younger children. Make sure that there are a lot of things going on with a lot of other children and adults all around so that they are always able to interact with someone.

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