Answering, will fertilizer help my plants grow, is an easy subject to talk about if you know what helps plants increase in size and health. While there are certain nutrients naturally available in the dirt, these may have been depleted over time. If this is the case, then you will need to re-add them back into the soil to make sure your plants get everything they need. When this occurs, then you can plant things with more confidence because you know for a fact that you are being a responsible and smart gardener. The main nutrients when you're working with plants are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Reading Information on Fertilizer Bags

In fact, this is how they are listed on bags of fertilizer as well, even though it's in number order. For gardeners who are new to this, when you see the three numbers of potency on a fertilizer selection, they are set up in this order. You will automatically know the percentage of all three items, the nitrogen, phosphorus and the potassium. Of course, these will be different depending on what kind of flowers or vegetables you are growing. Various plants have higher or lower needs of certain nutrients in order to reach their maximum potential.

While the entire bag of fertilizer is not full of these products, there are enough to make sure the job gets done. The filler that is included is called ballast and will be a support as a soil supplement for your plants. As this is going to be a support system for your plan, you can find out exactly how the fertilizer and soil need to be mixed. Sometimes, the plants will need to be slightly above ground or slightly below ground level so they can moderate their water absorption. This is especially true if you are planting trees because it's easy to flood them with overflowing outdoor garden fountains or heavy rain when they are still young plants. Just be careful that when you are using fertilizer that is not too strong for the plants or you might end up burning the roots. This usually occurs when the roots are exposed and not covered very well.

Talk to Gardening Experts

One great resource for gardeners in general is the experts who advertise their services online. They may not be able to come out and take a look at your soil, but if you give them a description of the type of environment, the local weather conditions, your watering system and what your ideas are, they can help you plan your garden quite effectively. They will probably have a list of questions to ask you and you can answer them to the best of your knowledge. Once you have decided on the size of garden that you're going to plan, whether that is for food, flowers or shrubbery in general, then you can decide how to prepare that soil. It may require that you till the soil and mix in fertilizer throughout the entire patch before you start planning anything.

If you do that, then it doesn't matter if you really put fertilizer in which each individual plant alone. Of course, this will depend on again the type of plant you are working with, but as long as you have the correct pH of the soil, they will have a better chance of survival. Planning ahead like this and learning the answer to, will fertilizer help my plants grow, is a good use of resources and will help you get the most from your garden.

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