Choosing Decorations for Your Teens Room

Choosing decorations for your teens room could seem like a big challenge. You know how picky they are. You also know what they would do to their room if you let them do things on their own. You want to be able to give them a room that they can be happy with, but you also want the room to be one that you can be happy with.

Preparing the Room

Most rooms that are inhabited by teens are thoroughly messy, and it is a miracle if you can enter. There are clothes on the floor, and a big mess in general. Before you are able to decorate the room, you need to be able to see the floor.

You should tell your teen that the room needs to be properly cleaned before you can decorate the room, which will also help take care of bug problems, if you have them. Some good guidelines are all clothes washed, folded, and put into the closet or dressers. You may also want to tell them to vacuum or sweep, depending on what kind of floor is in the room.

Since you will have the leverage of decorating the room, your teen might actually get these things done quickly. It is amazing what a little motivation will do for teens. Once this is done you can move on to the decorating part.

Personalizing the Room

The reason your teen wants to decorate their room is most likely because they want to make it more personal. If they have friends over, they want to be able to show off their own style and taste. In some cases, this is fine. There are teens that have a good sense of taste and style, and you will not mind them using their decorating skills. On the other hand there are some ideas that you might want to ax right away.

The paint color of the room is an easy enough thing to change. Even if you do not like the paint color that they choose, this could be an easy one to give in on. There are most likely other battles that you are going to want to win more than this one. Once your teen is out of that room, you can simply repaint it.

Whenever you are decorating, you should think about areas in which your teen excels. Some teens enjoy music, sports, fashion, bands, and things such as this. Take a closer look at your teen and see what motivates them. See what makes them happy.

If your teen is into music, you could find custom wall paper or border with music notes. There are also bed spreads, rugs and other things that have musical type themes. Music is not the only thing that teens like, however. You need to really check into your teen and see what they are interested in before you start throwing ideas at them.

Allowing your teen to make some suggestions can increase the bonding between the two of you. If you are able to work on the project together without fighting this is a big plus. Many parents find that this can be a fun and enjoyable time.

Once your project is finished, you will be able to look back at choosing decorations for your teens room, and think about what a good time you two had together. Make sure that you put some time and effort into the project. There are plenty of magazines, television shows, and sites on the internet that will allow you and your teen to find some great ideas for the project. Once it is done you can stand back and admire your work together.

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