Decorating Ideas for an Activity Room

An activity room is the perfect place for family projects, crafts, games or relaxation. You don't need to spend a lot of money to design a comfortable room that inspires the imagination and sets the stage for fun. With bright paints, affordable slightly used furniture and plenty of well organized space for storage or games, you can design the perfect activity room for your family. Get your kids involved in the decorating process to create a colorful space that will encourage them to explore their imaginations.

Organizing Your Activity Space

If you have a busy, active family, you probably have a lot of different projects going simultaneously. From kids' projects at school to holiday crafts or family parties, your activity room may see a lot of use. Many activity rooms also function as game rooms, recreation areas or home gyms. If your activity room is having an identity crisis, the first step in decorating the room may be getting the space organized.

An activity room should have adequate storage for crafting materials, board games, DVDs or videos and toys. Analyze your space to see how you might take advantage of storage opportunities. If you have one or more empty walls, consider installing shelves or overhead cupboards to maximize storage. Mobile cabinets and drawers provide convenient space for crafting supplies. A mobile set of drawers can be tucked out of the way when it's time to turn your sewing room into a party room or a family movie theater.

Dividing your activity room into distinct areas may make the space more efficient. Separate the children's game area from your crafting center with a bookshelf, a large set of drawers, a room divider or even something as simple as a colorful carpet. Reserve a locked cabinet for scissors, needles and other sewing supplies that may be dangerous to younger children, and give the kids their own space for table tennis or a flat screen TV.

Colors and Flooring

Choosing colors for an activity room can be a family decision. Select a color scheme that's vibrant and cheerful but not too trendy, or you may end up painting again in a year or two. Bold primary colors can be combined with black or white accents to create an energizing atmosphere. Softer greens, purples or pinks are cozy and inviting. If you're having trouble settling on a color scheme, use neutral colors for walls and flooring and offset these subtle tones with brightly colored furniture and window treatments.

Let your kids participate in the decorating activities by choosing wall decals for the game area or even designing a painted mural that you can all complete as a family. Instead of investing in expensive furniture, choose sturdy, affordable tables or lounging chairs. Brightly colored beanbags provide a fun seating option for kids and their friends.

When you're choosing flooring for an activity room, focus on rugged yet attractive materials that will stand up to wear and tear. Vinyl flooring is affordable, easy to maintain and available in a broad spectrum of colors and patterns. Vinyl tiles are fairly easy for homeowners to install, but installing vinyl sheets can be risky and may require professional assistance. Laminate flooring products the natural beauty of wood, stone or other natural materials to your activity room without the high price tag or high maintenance requirements.

Creative decorating ideas for an activity room help you make the most of this unique space. An activity room should provide a welcoming environment for kids and adults. Encourage everyone in your household to contribute imaginative ideas that will make this area of your home a relaxing, creative space.

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