Decorating For Easter

Decorate your home for Easter and welcome Spring all with the same brush stroke. Spring's color palette is alive with shades of rebirth and these hues intertwine with the pastels of Easter, creating excitement and anticipation of joy after the grey and somber colorings often displayed in the Winter months. Let your home-both inside and out-come back to life and bask in the joyful shades of the Easter season.

What does Easter mean to you? Whether you take a religious approach, or opt for a more secular theme, the basic idea will be the same. Your Easter decor should exemplify the spirit of the season for what it means to you. By bringing the outdoors inside, in the form of flowers, greenery, natural wicker baskets filled with pastel eggs, you can further display the theme of nature's bounteous return and have much more fun than when you repair leaky faucets.

Consider traditional looks as well. The bold bright Easter baskets reminiscent of childhood, filled with plastic eggs and jelly beans, and displayed alongside chicks, lambs and bunny rabbits present a whimsical touch. These traditional items of decor can adorn sideboards, end tables and fireplace mantles as your home awaits the coming holiday with bold anticipation.

Consider utilizing single hued holiday lights. Many of the traditional Christmas lights come in single light colored hues. Pinks, yellows and even greens and blues can be interwoven among baskets and plastic eggs and decor of the Easter seasons to offer a festive glow. Candles of Springtime colors and scents can be lit and displayed in an effort to involve the senses.

As you continue your interior decor, think about live plants and flowers. Lovely forced bulbs of hyacinth, tulips, and daffodils are quite popular in garden centers at this time of year. Nothing says Welcome Spring more than these flowers. They're rich in both scent and color and always evoke a Springtime mood.

Easter Lilies go hand in hand with the season. As pure and beautiful as an Easter morning long ago, the traditional flora of this holy season is a wonderful example of life's many blessings. The Easter Lily is an opportunity to remind ourselves and others that sometimes it's not a bad idea to stop and breath in the lovely fragrance of life.

Adorning these lovely floral decorations with pastel ribbons will help tie them into your running theme. Bows of bright pinks and blues, greens and yellows, or the softest pastels, all promote the Easter theme in your decor. Displays of birds nests or baskets of lemons add a nice touch as well. For your Easter Sunday tables cape, you must decorate and do it well.

Beyond the bounty left by the Easter Bunny himself, nothing says celebration like the Easter Sunday dinner. All of your table linens should carry on your color theme. Coordinate Spring designs with your Easter themed decor. A centerpiece that causes your guests to pause and take notice will be a great investment. Pillared candles set in Spring greenery and tied with a lovely decorative ribbon can bring your table to life.

A recent trend in Easter decor is an Easter tree. Sold in some home and craft stores, the pastel colored trees are made of artificial materials, Decorations are usually egg-themed variety. You can purchase decorations, similar to Christmas decorations, but carrying the Easter theme, or you can make your own.

If you would like to adorn your home's exterior, a simple yet eye catching way might be to hang plastic eggs from your landscaping. Home goods and craft stores carry oversized eggs for this specific purpose. Decorating for Easter carries two requirements. Keep it simple and have fun!

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