Decorating For a Birthday Party

Decorating for a birthday party can be a fun opportunity to call on your creative side to center a celebration around an honored guest, no matter if he or she is marking the first or 101st. Birthday. Few celebrations offer more options for whimsy or good-natured ribbing than one's birthday party. Although, decorating for a successful birthday party is not all carefree. Planning and organization are key to a festive celebration, like an independence day themed cookout.

The decorating theme for any birthday party will set the tone for the festivities. Your attention to even the slightest detail can make or break your celebration. While you might feel a bit pressured, never fear. Step by step planning and organization is your best assistant when it comes to decorating for a birthday party.

Age Appropriate

You must keep your decorating age-appropriate. That means, if your guest of honor is a child, be specific about the age. A pink princess party may be just fine for a five year old girl, but a ten year old may enjoy a slightly more mature theme. Your fifty year old husband may enjoy a roasting about age, but someone a bit older may not appreciate the same. Keep the focus upbeat and positive and you'll be envied for your decorating skills.

It's All About the Details

Whether the celebrated individual is your child, your spouse, other family member, or friend, you have a more intimate knowledge of that person than others and you know the likes, dislikes and nuances which make the honoree unique. Use that knowledge to decide on a theme and choose your decorations accordingly. This is surely the way to set the tone and make the guest of honor feel celebrated.

Small children enjoy any event that's centered around them. By displaying their name over and over in the banners, table-scapes, and other acoutrements, no one will doubt the reason for the celebration. Use baby pictures and school pictures among your decorations to further personalize the party.

If you've hired entertainment for the event, such as a magician, let that theme guide you. Unused, inexpensive top-hats can double as snack-bowls. Playing cards can be turned into place cards, and decorations.

An adult may have a penchant for travel, in which case you can utilize maps and reference to excursions among your decor options. A great way to focus the party on the birthday boy or girl is by creating a collage of pictures of the celebrated guest through the years. A unique way to honor the person, and a memento to enjoy after the party is over.

Incorporate multi-purpose decorations into your party. Let the cake or cupcakes be the centerpiece. If using cupcakes for a children's party, you can easily create a decorative tower. For adults, use non-toxic flowers to embellish your cake or cupcakes.

A pinata makes for a fun game for small children, however it becomes quite the party prop when you have older kids, or even adults, who might enjoy tokens to be exchanged for other, more age appropriate favors like gift card to download music, rent videos or for local restaurants. Confetti strewn amidst the gifts or buffet table, or even the dining table, evoke a celebratory mood.


Let your imagination guide you as you go beyond the typical "Happy Birthday" fare and flair. While all of those trappings are festive and expected at a birthday party, you are by no means limited to uniform items. Depending on the venue for your celebration, the sky really can be the limit. When decorating for a birthday party, think outside the mundane and you're sure to make it memorable.

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