Decorating a Princess Themed Room

If you have a daughter, then you know how important being a princess is. Little girls love to dress at the princesses of fairy tales any chance that they get. Anything and everything they see in stores that features a princess, they want to take it home. Oftentimes, they even want their rooms to have a princess theme. Not everyone knows the best way to get rooms to feature princesses, like where to find affordable furniture, or what color everything needs to be, but there are only a few things that you need to accomplish this. Once you have gotten all of these things, your little girl will be so excited to be in her room that you might have trouble getting her to leave.

The Walls Set the Tone

Anytime that you want to make the princess room that you daughter has always wanted, the most important part of the room is the walls. Strictly speaking, the walls of the room are going to set the tone of the entire room. Some parents might think that the best color for a child's room is white since they so frequently change their minds about how they want their room to look. However, if you really want to go all out on the princess theme, then you will want to make sure that the color of the walls reflects that. A good rule of thumb with any princess room is to use jewel tones like the jewels in a crown. A pink or purple color will be the best choices, but if you want to get really crazy, then you should choose teal.

Then you will want to accent the walls with the right decorations. You can get pictures of the different princesses and their princes, or you can even get pictures that are scenes of palaces. These pictures are going to help create the feel of living in a fairy tale. You will want to pay attention to the picture frames because you can find some that look like they were made for a palace. These tiny details are going to be what makes the difference in a princess themed room and a room that is meant for a princess. You can also accent any windows will lacey curtains that is one of the other jewel tones that you did not use on the walls.

The Bed is Important

Anytime your daughter watches a movie with a princess in it, there are going to be scenes that include the princess in her bedroom. The bed of a princess is one of the most important pieces of her bedroom because it is always the focal point of the room. Therefore, you will want to make the bed in your daughter's room to be just as much of a focal point. One of the best kinds of beds to get that with make her feel like a princess is called a canopy bed. Many times these beds have four posters and a lacey cover that is above the bed. This will make you little girl feel like the princess that she is.

There are many ways that you can accomplish the task of decorating a princess themed room. However, there are a few areas that you can invest that will make the difference in the room. If you are on a budget, then you can make just a few minor changes to the room like the wall color and the bed that will not cost you very much money. Then you can get your princess themed room without breaking the bank to do it.

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