How to Decorate a Nursery

Knowing how to decorate a nursery, whether for a first baby or a subsequent child is an exciting and challenging undertaking for yourself or for an interior decorator. There is any number of decisions to make and considerations to weigh carefully. Starting with a plan can help ease some of stress and allow you to enjoy the process more fully. Begin early and take your time as you will live with your choices for several years or longer.

Gender, Color and Theme

Very often, the baby's gender plays a key role in decorating the nursery. Not only are the traditional boy or girl colors - blue or pink - factored into the scheme but even the theme can be centered on the sex of the baby. For instance, Thomas the Train is more likely to be used for a boy's room than Disney Princesses.

If you know the gender of your baby and this is a consideration in your plan then knowing how to decorate a nursery is easy for you. If, however, you don't know your baby's sex, you may want to be gender neutral. This means neutral colors like yellow or green, choosing all primary colors or even black and white.

If gender is not important to you then you can choose a color you like without regard to traditional dogma. Some child development authorities believe that because baby's eyesight is initially very limited, colors and shapes should be simple and progress toward more complex shapes and color combinations. For this reason, the groupings of the primary colors - red, blue and yellow - are often used as are black, white and red. They give the baby just a few colors that contrast clearly with one another to focus on. Traditional pastels are equally pleasant and can give your nursery a warm, comforting feel.

If you are in the market to learn how to decorate a nursery, then no doubt you have seen the myriad number of themed possibilities. From every film Disney Studios has ever made to every cartoon character and super hero imaginable. Some are soft and cuddly while others are bold and attention-grabbing. This is a matter of personal taste and budget constraint.

If you are going for a more commercialized motif, you will be able to find just about everything in your theme. Bed linens can match the drapes; wall paper borders and wall appliques can match the lamp shade, throw rug and light switch plates. Mobiles and stuffed animals as well as appliques for dressers, walls and the ceiling can round out the effect.

Other Considerations

If your new baby is sharing a room, then you will have to take into account the preferences of the older sibling. Changing the room to suit just the baby could create tension or anxiety. Involving the child in the decision and even in the process can help make them feel important and jumpstart the bonding process.

How often do you want to redecorate the room? Will your choice for your newborn be suitable when the child is four or seven or ten? If cost is a consideration, then keep the more permanent decoration factors such as paint and carpeting more neutral. You can replace lamps and curtains easily and cost effectively and give the room a different look later on, when your child has out grown the nursery look.

Even a simple room, void of many decorations can still be a warm nurturing environment if love and compassion are part of the child's daily life. Knowing how to decorate a nursery is knowing how you want your child to feel in their room.

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