How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Knowing how to decorate a Christmas tree can be a personal choice. Most individuals have their own ideas when it comes to this traditional holiday event. Some enjoy gathering a joyous family around a freshly cut pine and pulling out those ornaments which have special meaning. It's a sweet respite and time for reflection in an all-too-hectic season. For many families, an artificial tree works just as well. It's cost effective and easy to maintain and won't leave needles in it's wake.

Adorning real or artificial branches with memories of times past in the form of treasured ornaments can add to the individuality of your Christmas tree. Taking time to pause and reflect on Christmases past can help balance the hustle and bustle of the season. Your tree becomes a scrapbook of holiday memories.

Perhaps you enjoy entertaining throughout the Christmas season. Maybe you'd like your tree to reflect a more sleek, modern design. There are many ways to make an artistic and stylish and elegant statement by use of color and form in your holiday decor.

No matter your personal taste, whether traditional, country, sleek and modern or any number of choices, you can decorate your tree in a relaxed and easy manner and make it the fun family event or time for individual pause that you'll enjoy if you just keep a few steps in mind, just as you would when unclogging a toilet. You'll set the tone for your holiday by the way you choose to approach this joyous task. Why not make it as easy as it is enjoyable?

When you begin this holiday activity, you'll no doubt have acquired all that you need to carry out your charge. Check to make sure your lights are in good working order, replace any broken bulbs, and make sure your decorations are clean and ready to adorn your symbol of a this most lovely of holidays. Gather or purchase your extension cords, auxiliary switches and hooks with which to hang ornaments. Chill the eggnog, bake the gingerbread, strike up the music and throw another log on the fire. You are now ready to begin.

The first job, after you've positioned your tree and have it ready to go, is to trim the branches with lights. It's easiest to begin from the center of the tree and work from the inside out. By starting at the base, you can weave the lights around the branches and make sure they're evenly distributed. When you are sure that each branch is awash in lights, you can move on to the next stage.

To add depth and interest to your Christmas tree, and to make sure your ornaments are showcased, don't hang them on the tips of the branches. Instead, use your lights as a guide and hang your ornaments from different positions on your tree. Fasten them mid branch or close to the inside base of the tree.

Use basic ornaments, such as solid colored balls, as filler. Hang them evenly throughout your tree, and don't neglect the sides you can't immediately see. You'll need about 20 filler ornaments for every 2 feet of Christmas tree. Mix and match for a festive presentation. Showcase treasured and meaningful ornaments, or special, more ornate decorations between your filler ornaments. Don't forget the star, angel or gilded bow to adorn the top of your tree.

At this point, if you prefer, you can add a touch of gilt with garland, or homespun appeal with raffia. Another lovely touch is to festoon decorative bows ot individual branches in place of the garland or raffia. That is how to decorate a Christmas Tree in your insured condo or home.


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