Creating a Calm Master Bedroom

A good night's sleep is often heavily reliant of your surroundings. You may notice that you don't sleep as well when you spend the night in someone else's bed, in a hotel, in a tent or anywhere else that is not your bedroom. This is because your body becomes used to your mattress, the scent on your pillow and the decorations in the room. Creating a calm and inviting master bedroom is the first step to getting a restful night's sleep and waking up feeling refreshed, relax and ready to take on the day.

Organizing a Master Bedroom

The first thing you need to do when creating a calm master bedroom is get rid of the clutter and consider replacing the room carpet. You probably have a million things on your mind before getting into bed. Adding 'clean up the mess in the bedroom' shouldn't be the last thing on your mind. Keep your master bedroom as tidy and organized as possible.

Invest in a storage system for your closet and take the time to hang up your clothes after you have washed them. Put a laundry basket in the corner to keep dirty clothes off the floor and look for bright wicker baskets and other storage containers to keep magazines, books, paperwork, children's toys, slippers and anything else that ends up cluttering your master bedroom. Add some hooks to the back of the doors to keep your towel, bathrobe and coat off the floors. Another good organization item is a treasure chest for the base of the bed which can store extra sheets, pillows, blankets or anything else.

Calming Master Bedroom Decoration

Next step on creating a calm master bedroom is decoration. Look for a quilt cover in calming colors that matches your mood. Many people choose to keep the room dark and heavy with bright reds, black sheets or deep blues. Or, you may choose a light and airy quilt cover set in whites, light blues, baby pinks or yellow. Look for curtains, pillows and a throw that matches your color scheme.

Keep the master bedroom decoration minimal. A few photos of your family are enough. You may want to look for some wall decals to match the theme of your room. Branches or flowers coming out of the headboard can look fun and calming at the same time. Try to keep your bedside table clear of anything but a book, an alarm clock and a lamp. That way you won't wake up and immediately see mess.

Make sure you are choosing furniture that will actually fit into your master bedroom. Condo bedrooms tend to be on the smaller side. Do some measurements before buying a king size bed and the largest vanity table in the store. You want to leave enough space to comfortably walk, vacuum and move around in your bedroom when getting ready for the day or for bed.

Finally, if you have young children, try as hard as you can to keep them in their own beds overnight. This is often easier said than done but everyone in the household will get a better night's sleep if there are not four sets of feet sticking out of the master bed. And, if not, invest in a king's size bed.

Creating a calm master bedroom will ensure that your room is your little slice of heaven in an otherwise disorderly and chaotic condo. With your life as busy as it is, with work, school, kids, friends and anything else, it's nice to know that you have one room in your condo where you can escape, even if it's only for few hours each night.

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