Finding a place where your kids can run and play is one of the hardest things to do. Having a yard is well and good when the weather is nice, but when the weather is not very good, then you need to find a different place for your children to be able to get their energy out. One of the key things to look at when you are looking for a spot for your kids is to find somewhere large, and one of the biggest rooms in most homes that are not used to their full ability is the attic. However, there are some things you must do to make your attic a suitable place for children to play, such as creating ventilation by installing a new ceiling fan unit.

Necessary Renovations

Before you can really start making the proper renovations to your attic, you must first make sure it is completely clean. Many people tend to store things up in their attic, so you should probably take a little bit to go through the things you have up there. This way you can either get rid of some of the items or simply find a new place to put them. You will want to make sure that you have dusted and clean thoroughly before you ever start allowing your children to be up there. Sometimes vermin like to make homes in attics as well, so you will want to make sure that any mice or birds have been successfully moved.

One of the main projects you will have to do in order to make your attic safe for kids is to get it properly insulated. Most people do not have their attic insulated, so this area of the house can get very hot in the summer months and very cold in the winter months. Therefore, if you are going to allow your children to be up in the attic for hours at a time, you will need to make sure that the temperature does not get too extreme for them. Therefore, the first thing you must do is make sure everything is insulated properly and new walls and ceilings are put up to cover the installed insulation.

You will also want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the flooring. Ideally you will want to put down some kind of carpeting up there to make sure your kids do not hurt themselves if they fall. However, before you can do this, you must make sure that the floor of the attic stable and sound. You do not want to see your kids legs come through the ceiling of your bedroom because of a bad floor spot. Many times when attics are built, the builder was not entirely concerned with making a very good floor because they did not intend on people, especially children, walking or running around up there. Therefore, it is going to be your responsibility to check the floor and make it sturdier where it needs to be. Then you can lay the carpet flooring.

Many people with children have often wondered can I convert my attic into a playroom, and as you can see, this kind of home project is doable but will require a lot of work. Your main concern when you are doing project should be the safety of your children, so you will want to take every precaution to make your attic as stable and safe as the rest of your home. Your kids will love their little area above the house, and then you will not have to worry about them running around inside if they cannot get outside.

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