Selecting the right condo complex and proper condo complex insurance for a family involves considering different variables than if you were single and looking for a place to live. Making sure you live in a safe area is one thing that is a good thing for families and singles alike but more so if you have young children. Finding a place that gives you and your children fun things to do when you are not at work or school can take time but will pay off in the end.

Condo complexes have common areas that all residents can enjoy. You actually pay for the upkeep and maintenance of these areas. This is what your association fees go towards. Many places have a pool, workout facility, or game room. You may be lucky enough to find an affordable place that has all three.

Examine All Amenities

A workout facility is not a place for small children and you should make sure they understand this. It can be very irritating if you have children running around and being very noisy while you are trying to work out. These places can be very dangerous too if kids are horsing around.

A pool can be a fantastic place to keep your kids entertained. When looking at different condo complexes you need to make sure the pool is fenced in and kids cannot get into the pool without an adult. You likely let your children play outside unsupervised if they are old enough. You would not want them falling into a pool and not being able to get out.

The biggest concern about finding a great condo complex for kids is safety. You want to find a place that can offer fun activities but keep your child safe. Make sure the pool gate has a lock or some means of keeping young ones out. Some condos actually have life guards on duty for certain hours, usually weekends. Let this play into your decision when picking a new place to live.

Check out the Schools

The best complex will be in a safe area with great schools. If your kids receive a public education you want to make sure it is the best they can get in the immediate area. Check out the schools your kids would go to if you moved into different complexes

Schools are required to report their achievement results online. You should do some research to figure out which complex is in the better area in terms of test scores. Asking any residents you run into when you are touring the complex about the areas schools is a great source of information. You should not rely on this alone though.

You should ask the realtor or agent of the complex if the place you want to move into is heavily populated by college students. This could be a deal breaker if there is another place available in a different complex. If the community has more older students, such as those in pursuing advanced degrees you may be okay. Younger students can be a bit of a nuisance if you are trying to raise a young family.

A gated community is another plus if you are trying to determine which condo complexes are best for kids. This alone can significantly increase the level of safety and keep non-residents out of the community. If the place has a pool, make sure it has a shallow end for children and be certain there are measures in place to keep them out of the pool area when you are not around.

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