Answering, will my condo complex be noisy, requires more than just looking at the local residents. You also have to take a look at the external factors that might apply. If the location of the family friendly condo property is right in the middle of downtown, then you need to figure in regular traffic noise, sirens, and children playing. This is not going to be built in a quiet environment, and the only peace you may have is when all of your doors and windows are closed. If you like to spend outside on your porch in a relaxing atmosphere, this may not be the right property for you. This is where you need to either visit the sites in person or virtually to find out how close they are to other businesses and shopping centers.

Locations on the City's Edge

However, it's another issue when you're considering moving into a property that is on the edge of town. The only real problems you deal with here are regarding highway traffic noise. Most of the time, this is a combination of environments where you are still close to convenient shopping, but you're not dealing with too many busy streets or a lot of commuter traffic. Unless your building is parked right there alongside the highway, you should be able to avoid much of this noise.

However, keep in mind that sometimes street racers will choose these out-of-the-way locations so they can avoid getting tickets while they race. It's always a good idea to talk to residents who already live on the street if you really want a straight up opinion. Not only are these unsolicited but they don't make any money off them. They are only posting this for the benefit of future residents who may choose to live there. If so, then it's free advice before you make an investment you regret.

Getting Internet Ratings for Locations

Because more people are searching for places to live on the web, you might also find noise ratings attached to different properties. These are nice because the people who live in that specific area rate the noise levels. That means you can save yourself the trip out there and instead see how many current residents are happy with the regular environment. Of course, this also depends on how much are actually home. If you live in a busy location during the day but are gone at work or school, then perhaps it won't matter. As long as it's quiet at night and everyone is able to get some sleep, then the daily activity is not too much of a bother. In fact, if the rent is lower in these specific areas because of the increased noise and it won't affect your daily activities because of absence, then you might be able to save some money.

Consider also that sometimes noise can be a benefit. People are less likely to try to break in and vandalize a busy location when they know it's going to be full of eyes that will witness their act. If this is the case and you live alone, you might prefer that additional level of security. Some people are willing to trade off the condo complex noise level for the knowledge that they are less likely to be involved in one of these incidents. The age of the residents is important as well because sometimes younger people like to be in the middle of a busy environment. They may not enjoy the solitude of a quieter location until they actually have a family.

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