Each condo complex will have varying rules that are related to having or keeping a pet of any kind. This is because each condo and the rules of that condo will be determined by the condo association of that condo. This being the case, you will always need to know how to find out what the rules are on things like walking dogs or where to park in a condo complex. If you do not know the rules, make sure that you learn them before you start walking the dog at all.

Finding the Rulebook

When you are trying to determine some of the basic rules that come along with your condo complex individually, you are going to need to do a few things. Most of the time, people who purchase or rent condos do not fully read the rules of the condo association. This being the case, tenants of those condos can often violate the rules without even knowing it. If you want to make sure that you are not violating these rules, make sure that you find out what the rules are so that you do not violate them inadvertently and you know what constitutes a broken rule.

One of the ways that you can determine whether or not you have to walk your dog on a leash in your particular condo complex is by looking at the rules of the association that you were given upon renting or purchasing the home. When you get the condo, the condo association will either send you a copy of the rules of they will bring them over themselves. Sometimes, the realtor that you are dealing with might even provide you with a copy of those rules so that you always know what to expect before you even commit to getting the condo. In these rules, there will be a section that is entitled "Pets" or "Pet Rules." Though the title might vary from condo to condo, it will be something very similar. Here, it will state whether or not you have to keep your pet on a leash while in the complex. If it does not say, you can move on to the next technique.

If you cannot determine whether or not it is legal according to your complex's rules to walk a dog without a leash, you should contact a member of the condo association. The names and contact information of these people should be listed in the paperwork that you received when you committed to getting that condo. Call or speak to one of them and ask them whether or not it is against the rules to walk your dog without a leash. If they say that it is against the rules, there is your answer. If they do not know, they can talk to some of the other members and get back to you. More often than not, the members will be able to tell you right away.

Though each condo complex is going to vary from place to place, you can assume that these steps can be taken no matter what area you are in. If you just ask someone "do I have to walk my dog on a leash in the condo complex," chances are you are going to get the answer that you are looking for. If you have trouble determining if this is allowed or not, it should not take you long to find the actual guidelines behind that particular rule concerning dogs and pets.

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