If you live in a condo complex, then you should be aware of the governing body that is responsible for the day to day running of the complex. This is going to be a condo association board. The more you know about this board, the better you will be able to handle any issues that might arise. It may be a good idea to even find out about these duties before you sign a lease or purchase a condo at the same time you determine the value of your condo contents. That way, you can be a lot more confident when moving in.

A condo association board is something like a small version of government. These people are elected by the condo owners, and it is their job to run and manage the daily affairs of the condo complex. Sometimes a board does these things directly on its own, or sometimes it chooses to hire a manager to take care of the daily issues that arise in the running of the complex. This board is really important because it's the central body that all of the owners rely on when something goes wrong and they need assistance.

Specific Responsibilities of the Board

One of the major jobs of a condo association board is to make sure that all of the owners are paying attention to and following the rules of the complex. All complexes are going to have different rules and owners will be required to live by them. If they don't, then the board is going to need to deal with this in a manner that is fair. Also, the board is going to be responsible for creating any new rules that condo owners are going to be expected to follow as residents.

Another duty that a condo association board has is to help maintain good relationships between owners. Although all owners are supposed to behave in a certain way, it doesn't mean that they are always going to. When this happens, a conflict might arise and need to be dealt with. The board can help facilitate this and make sure that everyone is treated fairly and that a good outcome is reached in the end. It's a good idea for you to ask about how conflicts are handled before one arises and you need to consult the board.

Another important duty of the condo association board is long term planning for that community. That means that the board is going to be responsible for planning how the community will grow in the future. If there are any plans to add new condos or add new facilities to the complex, then the board is going to be responsible for these plans. Although condo owners will most likely be consulted about their needs or desires for the future of the complex, the ultimate decision is going to rest with the condo association board.

Talking to the Board

Owners who know the duties of the condo association board will be better equipped to bring any of their concerns or issues to them. If you need to speak to the board, then you'll know whether or not they can help you with what is going on. If your condo association has a manager, talk to the manger about setting up a meeting with the board. You may need to make a special request or you may need to wait for some time. Your condo manager will know just how to do this and can help you find a time that is going to work for you and for the board.

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