All condo complexes are not inherently the same. Some may look secure at first glance but it is up to you to determine where the current security features are lacking. When you are shopping for a condo there are several things to consider other than if the condo has hard wood floors or carpet, and the first and foremost would be the area around the complex. If you are looking for a safe place to live, you should stay away from any questionable parts of town.

Start examining the security features the moment you take your initial tour of your new potential home. Is this a gated complex, or can anyone just drive right in? If the community is gated, is there a footpath around the gate so you or a potential assailant could enter easily without knowing the gate code? This should be considered your initial line of security and you should only be able to enter using a personalized gate code.

Good Lighting is Key

The next feature to examine would be the lighting. Make sure you make a visit to the condo community at night to inspect how safe it is because this is when a burglar would strike. Try to think like a thief and walk the perimeter of the unit you are looking to purchase. A truly protected place would be very well lit so they would have trouble escaping without getting caught.

When taking your tour ask the condo representative if there are any security cameras overlooking parts or all of the community. It is very important to ask if these cameras record because some do not. Ask as many questions as you need to and get details to put your fears to rest. Knowing what your condo complexes security features are and how they operate is crucial.

After you determine the condo you are looking at is safe and you move in, there is a very vital step to your protection that some people ignore. Introduce yourself and your family to your neighbors. Get to know them the best you can because they are usually more inclined to help someone they know. If you are burglarized when you are not home, your neighbors may be home and see something important. They could provide police with information to help bring the person who robbed you to justice.

Change Your Locks

Moving in can take a while and getting settled can take even longer. One of the first steps you should perform when you move into your new condo is to change all of the locks. Going even further and installing an additional deadbolt or sliding patio door security bar is a great idea. Make sure you check to see if the windows function as they should and lock properly. You also need to do your part and shut and lock all windows at least on the ground floor when leaving or going to sleep.

Getting an alarm is an excellent security feature to help protect yourself and your things. By doing so you could be able save some money on your condo insurance. The key to this particular security feature is to use it when you are home during the day and night and when you are away. Many people buy alarms and do not like the hassle of having to turn it on and off every time they leave.

Not all condos have good security features but you can make a big difference by heeding the topics mentioned above. Even if your condo has good security features you can make them better. Protecting your valuables and your family is an important job, so do it well.

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