Picking someone to help you create an interior design that you are happy with is a big decision. You want to make sure the person you select is aware of past and current trends to make sure your place is well put together. They will also need to have some sort of idea on what they think the future trends will be to help guide your design in the right direction.

Hiring an interior decorator is a great way to make your home look finished and complete. Especially if you just got married, you will need someone to help mesh your differing styles. Too often the homes of people recently wed looks uncoordinated and just wrong. Finding a cohesive design that fits with the look of your home is important.

Make Several Appointments with Designers

When you start looking for a decorator you will need to set up a few appointments at several places. This will give you the opportunity to examine the individual's previous work, everything from window decorating accessories to colors of rugs that were chosen for certain rooms. Any self-respecting interior decorator will have a book filled with pictures of their work. One tip when looking at their previous work is to ask if you can see all of their books. By looking far into the past, you can get a good idea of how they design.

Looking at pictures of work they did during the early two thousands, the nineties, and possibly even further back will help you determine if they are mainly concerned with trends or if they can design something that stands the test of time. Using an interior decorator can cost quite a bit of money and you want to try and be sure that you will not need to update again very soon. Creating something that is timeless will save you money and keep your home looking great for years to come.

When meeting with a few potential candidates, you will be able to give them the size of your spaces complete with the placement of other object, such as a fireplace or windows. The design specialist will then create a mock up drawing of your room or rooms showing you what they would use. They usually give a pretty good visual representation with paint colors, fabric options, and the type of furniture they would use.

Trust Your Gut

This is really where you are going to be able to make the decision of who you want to use for your project. The feel you get from the design they present is usually the major determining factor that most people use to make the decision of who to use. If you are really not feeling the design, you need to trust your gut. If you do not think you will like it on paper, you will not like it when it is in your home. This is the same reasoning you would use when you are clothes shopping. If you do not absolutely love it in the store you will probably not like it when you get it home.

When picking an interior designer, you need to see a lot of samples of their work. Looking back at their work not just over a few years but a few decades is the best way to get a feel for the type of product they like to do. A good designer will be able to create things that are not just beautiful for a couple of years but for a long time to come. Make sure you trust your gut and go with whomever gets what you are trying to do.

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