Many students choose to live in dormitories their freshman year of college in order to get the full experience of being on their own. The undergraduate experience is unlike any other and teaching a young student a lot. Unfortunately the average size of a dorm room is very small and sharing that space with a roommate can be trying at times.

Build an A-Frame

The first thing you need to figure out in a dorm is your sleeping arrangement because that can take up a lot of space. If you have two beds on the ground, you have very limited options for the remainder of the room. Building an a-frame loft can help you utilize your space very efficiently. This involves raising both beds off of the ground and does not require extensive supports that take up valuable space.

Most dorm rooms in the U.S. have a futon or couch that converts easily into a bed. Having friends crash in your room is commonplace and having something that has a dual purpose is important. You will then need to turn your attention to other aspects of the room, such as proper room lighting and storage space.

A television is important because you will need to take frequent video game breaks in between studying or catch up on the latest shows. Arranging your television to take up the least amount of space possible is smart. In an effort to make sure your room does not look cluttered and messy, you will need to optimize all of the storage possibilities you can. The use of a series of shelves and cupboards will help you hide your stockpile of macaroni and cheese.

Many dorms have very cheap vinyl tile covering the floor because carpet can be expensive to replace if it gets stained or destroyed. Bringing in carpet squares or a large rug can help your place look a little better. Your dorm room window usually comes with some pretty dreadful looking window treatments as well. Buying your own shades or drapes is an easy and inexpensive way to make your place look presentable.

Choose a color scheme that looks nice for your carpet and window treatments. You can never go wrong by choosing your schools colors. There is a pretty good likelihood that you are making use of hand me down furniture in your room. If the items you inherited are made from actual wood, you are in luck. Go to a home improvement store and buy some sand paper and nice color paint.

Recycle Old Furniture

Repainting furniture and repurposing old cabinets to be used for dressers can give your place whatever look you want. If you like a more vintage look, pick a funky color of paint and use some cool wallpaper to cover shelves. You do not want to go out and buy really expensive, new furniture because it will likely receive some wear and tear.

You will need a place to study and spread out with your computer and books. Building a computer desk is actually pretty easy and some great plans can be found online. If you are not good with a hammer, try modifying an old desk and put a fresh coat of paint on it.

The key to student living and cheap decorating ideas is to make use of every corner and nook. Cheap paint will become a trusted ally. Getting your beds off of the floor will free up a lot of space for you to play around with. Most colleges and universities have handymen who advertise their services, and you will want to inquire early about their services.

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