How to Change the Air Filter

If you are wondering if it is time to change your air filter in your heating and air conditioning system, you probably need to know how to change the air filter. Many people have no idea how to do this simple task, but that is okay. Read the information below to learn how you can easily change your air filter, and help save on monthly utility bills all at once.

Changing the Filter

The first thing that you need to do is to turn off your heating and cooling system. After turning it off you need to look for a service panel. The filter should be close to the intake-outtake blower. You may have to look behind a door or a panel to locate it.

Once you have found the filter, it is time for you to remove the filter. Usually the filter will come out very easily. If it is stuck, you may need to give a little additional tug.

After you have removed the other filter, it is time to put in the new filter. Before you install the new filter, you need to find the direction of airflow indication arrow on the filter. Place the filter in so that the arrow is pointing toward the blower motor or other machinery which would be related to these actions. If you install the filter backwards you will decrease the efficiency of the air filter.

This is a pretty simple process. If you have done this properly, all that you have to do is turn your heating and cooling system back on. Set it to a setting that will allow you to see if it is working properly, if it is, you are all done.

When to Change the Filter

You may have some questions about when you should change your filter. Most of the time every type of filter is going to be different. The best way for you to make sure that you use the correct time table is to look at the filter or the instructions that came with the filter. This should tell you how often the filters need to be changed. There are even some filters that can be rewashed so make sure to look for this as well.

One of the signs that you may need to change your filter is if you begin to notice that there is more dust in your home than there had been before. Whenever you see more dust, that means that the filter is not able to do its work. The filters are very inexpensive and easy to place so there is no reason to procrastinate.

These air filters work to pull air from the room into the system to either heat it or cool it. The air is then blown through the air ducts into each room. Whenever the filter is working well, you are going to get the best air quality possible.

Whenever you change the filter, you should make sure that you write down the date that it was changed. It is difficult enough to remember when you changed your socks, let alone when you changed your air filter. Doing this simple task of writing the date on the air filter will enable you to be sure when it was done.

If you do not feel comfortable about your knowledge on how to change the air filter, you can find someone to help you. There are plenty of heating and air professionals that would come out and take a look at it. There is no reason that you should buy someone to do something so simple, except for if it gives you peace of mind.

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