Many people like to grow their own vegetables not only because they enjoy working in the garden but they also like being able to save a little bit of money on their groceries. By simply buying the seeds, you can get a large crop of whatever vegetable you are growing. However, not everyone that wishes to do this has the kind of large piece of land that they would need to have the large garden that they wish to have. Therefore, it is important for these kinds of people to find the kinds of vegetables that are able to grow in small places, while also finding fertilizers that are pet friendly since your pets will likely be close to your small garden space. Your choices will be more limited than it would be if you had a full garden, but you will still be able to grow some of the vegetables that you will use on a daily basis.

The Vegetables for You

The first type of vegetable that you can get for a small space is the tomato. Tomatoes are able to grow very well in small spaces because they are a vegetable that grows on the vine. Therefore, when the plant gets big it will not need much space to the sides, but it will grow up the tomato cage that you put around it. The best part of tomatoes being able to grow in small spaces is that there are so many different varieties of tomatoes that will allow you to have many different choices from the same plant.

Green beans are another kind of vegetable that will be able to grow in small spaces but will still yield you a large crop. Many green bean plants grow vertically and not horizontally to save space, but they will yield you a lot of green beans on the same plant. Another reason that having green beans as part of your small garden is because you can cook green beans in so many different ways. You can bake them in a casserole or simply steam them. With the so many different ways that green beans can be cooked, you can afford to have a lot of them because you can keep variety on the table while still having the same food.

The last types of vegetables that you can plant in your small garden are peas. Peas are going to grow in a similar fashion as the green beans with growing up with multiple pea pods on each plant. Peas are such a small vegetable that you should have no trouble finding room in a small space to plant you own pea patch. Peas are also going to offer you a variety of ways to cook them, so you will be able to have them on numerous occasions. Peas are highly nutritious as well, so you will not only be saving space and getting a large crop, but you will also be feeding your family something that is going to be very good for them.

There are many ways that you can find out which vegetable grow best in small spaces, but the best way is by trial and error. You never know which of the vegetables that you plant that will flourish. You will want to try and keep in mind finding the right vegetables that will not only be able to grow but will also yield you a large crop. This way it will be worth it for you have your own garden because you will be getting lots of return on your hard work in the form of a lot of vegetables to bring into your home.

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