Making a Beach Themed Bathroom

Making a beach themed bathroom is a delightful décor option to complement any design. The serene appearance of a quiet seascape incorporated, through color and accessories, into you master bath or guest bathroom, is a lovely addition to your home. Alternately, a bright colored Summer themed bathroom can add a touch of whimsy to your guest bath or half bath. The beach themed bathroom is an ideal theme for your cottage or beach condominium.

To create a beach themed bathroom, you simply need to begin with the right color palette. Depending on the size of your space, you'll need to pick either bold or pastel colors and stick with that trend throughout. If your space is large enough to handle the bold colors, go for it. Blues and greens create an ambience of tranquility and serenity the beach can evoke. These ocean colors offer plenty of opportunity for accent colors. You could infuse a contrasting color for your accessories, or choose to go with the naturals in white or beige with your custom cut linoleum fixings.

Of course, your shower curtain or blinds should be on theme. If you are going for that touch of whimsy, you can find shower curtains, window treatments and accessories to complement every idea. Lighthouses, flip flops and the like are popular options in any linen and bath store.

If you'd like to go for a more classic or natural beach theme, choose classic colors and fabrics. Linens, cottons, even broadcloth are all excellent choices. East coast and old school, these textures should be displayed in simple colors. Even white or ivory are tasteful choices.

Faux wood vertical blinds or natural shades can also give off an ambience of casual relaxation, and after all, isn't that what the beach is all about? You can find natural fabric mats and rugs to put atop your tile floor. Tile, again being a natural substance, goes very well in a beach themed bathroom.

Paintings, photographs and wall hangings should depict beach scenes. Consider displaying some of your own beach vacation photographs for a personal touch. It's easy to customize your frames as well. Simply go to a craft store where they sell seashells and affix them to the frame with a glue gun.

The leftover shells can easily be utilized as decoration or accessory. You can do a bit of sand art by layering seashells with either clean, new sandbox sand, or coarse salt to give the appearance of sand. Display your personalized work of art on a shelf.

Another use for your leftover shells is to use them to frame a mirror. If you aren't feeling quite so crafty, you can find these shell flanked mirrors at a bath accessory store. The seashell effect is absolutely beachy.

Glass mosaic accessories can also evoke and image of a day at the beach. Use complementary colors and create designs yourself on the wall, around the mirror, or bathtub. You could also purchase a glass tiled soap dish or toothbrush holder. Beach themed guest soaps, such as starfish, shells, or fish shaped soaps add a lovely touch to a beach themed bathroom.

A simple beach colored bowl of potpourri is a nice touch as well. While giving off a lovely scent, it will remind you of a relaxing time. Candles are available in all kinds of beach themed scents and call to mind vacation.

Finally, remember the beach is about relaxation, vacation, natural beauty. Transform your master bath, guest bath, or half bath into something relaxing and pleasant. Exhibit the natural beauty of sand and sea and you'll create a pleasant atmosphere for yourself and all who utilize your beach themed bathroom.

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