Atlanta Condo Insurance

Atlanta condo insurance is a great investment for condominium tenants in the capitol city of Georgia. Condominium living proves to be an easy way of life for the hundreds of business professionals that have been drawn to Atlanta. No worries about yard work or building maintenance, it is all taken care of. Why not take the next step further towards a totally worry free future by purchasing Atlanta condo insurance. Never again worry about how you and your family would recover after a disaster.

Why Buy Condominium Insurance

Have you ever considered what would happen to all of your belongings if your Atlanta home was hit by a tornado or even a fire? Atlanta condo insurance not only provides you with a way to get back what you lost, but it helps you get back on your feet after a disaster. In addition to insuring your belongings it gives you enough money to find somewhere to stay while damages are being repaired if your home is deemed uninhabitable.

The Types of Atlanta Condo Insurance

There are two types available to Georgia residents. The first is called the cost replacement policy. This policy provides you with enough money to go out and replace the items you lost no matter their original value when you purchased them. This is great if your furniture has risen in value since you bought it. This policy is most often acquired by people with more expensive possessions. Electronics, work out equipment, and jewelry can be quite difficult to replace on your own.

The second type of Georgia condominium insurance is a little cheaper than the cost replacement policy; it is called cash value policy. This policy is meant more for those Atlanta residents without a lot of valuables. It is great for young professionals just starting out in Atlanta. The cash value policy gives you an amount of money based on the value of your belongings, taking into consideration deprecation and wear and tear. Keep in mind if you have a lot of hand-me-down items you may not be given enough money replace them.

No matter what kind of possessions you own, or your budget, there is a type of Atlanta condo insurance for you. With the growing economy and rising population of Atlanta it is no wonder so many people are choosing to be a part of this exciting city. Keep in mind that all of the items you are bringing with you in your move can easily be lost due to several hazards, and you need to protect your belongings in your condo right away. Unlike Georgia house insurance you do not need to insure your home itself.

Before You Buy Condo Insurance

There are several things to do before you purchase your Atlanta condo insurance. In order to decide which policy is best for you take an inventory of the items in your condominium that you would like insured. Not only would you be making your claims list, you can calculate the value of what you own to see which policy would suit you. Take pictures or record a video as proof of ownership to be sure you would get the correct amount of money in the event of a disaster.

Also, check with your Atlanta GA condominium association's master policy to see what they would cover. Usually, unless you have made any upgrades to your condo, all of the structural aspects of your home are covered under the master policy. Walls, floors, and any common areas used by the residents of the building should be insured. There have been some instances where the Atlanta master policy will cover garages, decks, and even security alarms. Similar to GA renters insurance, you should only be responsible for the items in your home, not the building that houses them.

One more thing you should do before you purchase your Atlanta condo insurance policy is browse around online to find the best rate. You can easily get tons of quotes by filling out a simple online form with some basic information about you. Asking friends and neighbors what company they use could help you find a reputable business.

Discounts on Condo Insurance

There are many opportunities to get a discount on your condo insurance and some of them are not being advertised online so be sure to ask your agent. Most Atlanta companies offer a multiple policy discount, so consider bundling your life and auto policies all with the same company you choose for your Atlanta condo insurance. Taking security measures in your condo could also earn you a cheaper rate. Install dead bolts, smoke alarms, and maybe a security alarm to show you are serious about protecting your belongings. There is no time to wait, purchase your Atlanta condo insurance today!

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